DRX Dismantled Gen.G In League Champions Korea Summer Split 2020 To Lock In First Place

DRX Dismantled Gen.G In League Champions Korea Summer Split 2020 To Lock In First Place
Credit: DRX via YouTube

Two weeks after suffering their first loss of the 2020 LCK Summer Split, DRX are back in action with a yet another dominant win over another top-tier team Gen.G.

Both League of Legends teams looked strong throughout the series, but DRX came out on top. Mid laner Chovy and top laner Doran were crucial in DRX’s wins, winning the Player of the Game awards for their performances on Galio and Kennen, respectively.

The first game of the series was a sight to behold. Both teams were making reactive plays on the entire map and traded objectives. While Gen.G focused on getting the early dragons and the first Rift Herald, DRX aimed for as many kills as possible on the singled-out Gen.G members.

The game ended after a hectic back-and-forth teamfight where both teams were even in kills. But due to the fact that DRX were ahead with some gold and items, they won it in the end.

After the first hyped-up game of the series in favor of DRX, Gen.G changed their draft, taking away Camille which is currently a very popular pick in all regions. The pressure from the top lane alongside a winning bot lane gave Gen.G the opportunity to secure the crucial early dragons.

DRX replied by taking the Rift Herald and attempted to make aggressive invades but were unsuccessful. After a 33-minute brawl in which Gen.G kept the gas pedal down, DRX fell with grace, losing only one member in the final teamfight.

After the constant pressure from Twisted Fate in the second game, DRX took it away in the third game and maintained other champions for the rest of the team. With TF on the team, DRX were enabled and played their usual roaming style where they pressure every lane. Both teams traded objectives early on once again, showing the high level of play they are capable of regardless of situation.

Doran on Kennen was a huge factor in DRX’s pressure in the second game. His side flanks and teleports allowed DRX to win pretty much every single teamfight. While Gen.G avoided such fights at the start, the one time they were caught, they lost the game.

DRX locked in first seed in the LCK Summer Split standings for this week. They’ll be facing Damwon Gaming and Afreeca Freecs next week. You can tune in to the matches on the official Riot Games LCK channel to see the matches.