Week 4, League Champions Korea Spring Season 2020 Standings Overview By Scairtin

Week 4, League Champions Korea Spring Season 2020 Standings Overview By Scairtin
Credit: Image via Riot Games

Four weeks of LCK have passed already.

While some teams are consistent with their standings, others want to stand out and beat everyone.

1st place – Gen.G & T1

Gen.G – they looked unbeatable in most of their games, their only loss was against T1, who have started improving quite a lot with the new roster. The duo of Bdd/Clid is very strong and is a good addition to the stable bottom lane of Ruler/Life.

T1 is looking better and better. Their synergy is insane, and while the loss of Clid hurt the team a bit, they are looking to remain a top contender in the LCK.

3rd place – DragonX has looked quite good, the power of cvMax (ex-Griffin head-coach) lies within the roster within Doran and Chovy, both ex-Griffin players. While Deft had some ups and downs in some games, he has remained a stable ADC, who overpowers his enemy laners, alongside his support Keria.

4th place – Afreeca Freecs – a lot of people doubted them, but they prove to be a reliable contender for the top 4. The biggest question mark is probably their mid-jungle, and while they’re doing much better than expected right now, the recent game against DRX did call the laning capabilities of their mid, whether it be All In or Fly, into question.

5th place – Damwon Gaming – they seemed unable to show their strengths from last year, in their match against KT, they did show their best performance this season, with super-strong laning and a top-centric playstyle. DWG is still a top-centric team, with the bot playing more of a supportive role, like 2018 KZ with Pray-Gorilla.

6th place –  HLE & KT.

Hanwha Life Esports – no matter what happens to this team in the future, it’s for the benefit of LCK that teams like HLE exist: teams that are willing to try out crazy strategies, including those used in other leagues, even if they show the weaknesses of those strategies. They are consistently mediocre.

KT managed to pick up three wins already this season, they improving on a constant basis.

8th place – Sandbox Gaming – They showed a bit more flair and color in Kespa cup and in their match against APK, but they then had three losses in a row which deleted all hope for this team. They fell off a cliff and are unable to recover.

9th place – Griffin – they are doing better than many people expected them after losing the solo laners and support to other teams. Obviously, this is a hard season for them, with the laning prowess of the laners having decreased, and the meta not being too suitable for Tarzan, but bringing in Ucal was very important for them.

10th place  – APK Prince, a team full of rookies doesn’t show a lot of signs of life against the established veterans of LCK.

This is the end of the LCK standings review after 4 weeks of play, stay tuned next week for another one.