CS:GO – Cloud9 Signed A 1.36 Million Dollar Bench Warmer As Xeppaa To Replace Woxic

CS:GO – Cloud9 Signed A 1.36 Million Dollar Bench Warmer As Xeppaa To Replace Woxic
Credit: Cloud9 via YouTube

Chaos EC crumbled because of the traditional reasons (whatever those may be) after managed to climb up the ranks with a ferocity that hasn’t been seen in years, and the players are all scattering to the winds.

While some players are going with the stream of Counter-Strike vets moving over to Riot’s hot new shooter Valorant, others are trying to find a space within more established organizations, such as Erick ‘Xeppaa’ Back.

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The player is rumored to be taking the spot of the core five for Cloud9, the team that Henry Greer manages that he has taken to calling ‘The Colossus‘ which has frankly failed to appear intimidating in the smattering of matches they’ve had since Greer reformed the core.

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Once of those signings that Henry conducted was that of woxic, the Turkish AWPing star that had recently been dropped by mousesports due to what was believed to be a mix of the pandemic which resulted in latency and the inability to play with the core of the team.

Now, it appears that something more may be gnawing beneath the surface of the Turkish star that has been failing to perform consistently, and he’s locked in the Cloud9 roster for roughly the next three years.

Signed at roughly $1,365,000, that calculates to the player receiving almost half a million per year for staying on the roster: a roster that he doesn’t appear to be playing with as Cloud9 moves forward and attempts to figure out what the future needs to look like in order to perform within the fiercely contested European region.

It’s rumored that Cloud9’s In-game leader, Alex McMeekin, will take over the role for primary AWPing in lieu of woxic.

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An extremely similar event happened with mousesports: Karrigan had to take over the role of primary AWP as mousesports benched woxic, and it worked just as poorly as it sounds like it would. Woxic tends to play aggressively that works well when he’s connecting shots, and can allegedly tilt if he begins to miss.

Cloud9 taking the same path after signing woxic, a big name that struggles to perform, frankly bodes poorly for the AWPers pedigree within the game for the foreseeable future, although currently, all organizations involved haven’t been entirely forthcoming with explanations as to what seems to be happening aside from stating that the conflict isn’t coming from a place of toxicity from anyone involved.

The Cloud9 roster appears to be struggling valiantly since its reforming of the core; here’s hoping something clicks in the coming weeks.