Twitch Perma-Bans Self-Claimed ‘Esport Missionary’ For Engaging In Hateful Conduct On Stream

Twitch Perma-Bans Self-Claimed ‘Esport Missionary’ For Engaging In Hateful Conduct On Stream
Credit: MTee via YouTube

If there is a means of communication, someone will inevitably use it to try to encourage others to adopt their religious and political views.

It happens with parents communicating to their children, regional pressures where specific religion and political bias are spread across communities which are then extolled towards regions, and everything else that humans have a tendency to latch onto whether wrong or right, with or without tangible proof.

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It’s an interesting tendency of humans, where they tend to feel more ‘right’ when they can amass a group of people that believe in the same form of whatever spirituality and ideals they can find comfort in; not a statement of whether it’s right or wrong, merely that it appears to be a human tendency that has been perpetuated since the dawn of humanity.

Enter a (former) Twitch streamer by the name of a ‘DrWitnesser’ who enjoyed streaming his attempts to convert children to his personal religion while playing Fortnite, in what tended to be a rather aggressive manner; he’s finally received a permanent ban from Twitch after consistent infractions and attempting to push his agenda onto kids playing video games.

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In a tweet pertaining to the Twitch ban, DrWitnesser then claims that Twitch is horrible as they’re shoving ‘their agenda’ down everyone’s throats. Take a deep breath and appreciate the rare irony being shown in pristine form.

The most recent streams of DrWitnesser had him aggressively telling a Muslim child that he will burn in hell for all eternity, as he does not believe in the same aspects that the streamer does.

This form of indoctrination tends to fare well against children in person, as it forces them to feel vulnerable; online, however, and it’s just thinly-masked hate speech masquerading as ‘doing a good deed.’

The streamer has styled himself as the ‘esport missionary’ and has spent countless hours, almost exclusively in Fortnite, proselytizing to children attempting to play a video game to convert to whatever form of beliefs that he has decided is the actual true belief.

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To be clear, this, in execution, appears to very much be a form of child predatorial behavior, as the streamer has actively sought children to convert with canned speeches about his beliefs of ‘sin’ and the entirety of Earth and life being built in six days by an omnipresent deity that simply exists.

Twitch has consistently missed the point time and again with curating and caring for both streamers and their viewers with lopsided consequences that tend to hit men hard. This time, however, a predator has lost his platform permanently, and we’re having a hard time feeling anything other than satisfaction.