Twitch Has Unbanned Forsen After A Month For Accidentally And Briefly Showing Horse Genitalia

Twitch Has Unbanned Forsen After A Month For Accidentally And Briefly Showing Horse Genitalia
Credit: Twitch Prime via Twitter

Some mouth-breathing Twitch user wanted his five minutes of fame, even if it came at the expense of someone else’s livelihood.

This individual tricked Forsen into showing horse genitalia for less than a full second, at which point Forsen then recognized that he was duped and he immediately moved the image off-screen.

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He was still banned for over a month due to the incident, which humorously happened shortly before a different Twitch streamer pushed an eight-minute plus video of her stripping and touching herself in what was easily the most obscene content that Twitch has ever seen.

The stripping streamer was a woman, however, and only received a three-day ban for what some has noted could easily be linked with sexual assault, if not worse, as there were multiple under-aged users believed to be in her chat at the time that this happened.

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While Twitch absolutely has a fascinating history of treating women far differently than men (women were able to be partnered far faster if they would send nude pictures to staff for them to trade like Pokemon cards), it should be noted that implying that certain streamers are being treated differently by Twitch due to sexual favors (including the Pokemon-like explicit photos trading fun) is now a bannable offense on Twitch.

So we’ll just quietly bide our time and note that one streamer was duped by a bad actor, and the other watched her Open Broadcaster Software window throughout the entire eight and a half minute dance and explicitly touching herself three inches from a camera. One was banned for a couple of hours over a month, and the other received a three-day ban for openly promoting her adult content on Twitch.

Twitch, being the Amazon-purchased company that has recently removed the tag ‘Blind Playthrough‘ so they wouldn’t offend blind people watching streams that would see the tag, and become offended that non-blind people are using this.

Just to be extremely clear, this is also the same company that has banned the terms ‘virgin’, ‘simp’, and ‘incel’: they announced that this ruling would only take effect in January, but multiple streamers have been already banned for using the words.

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We strongly recommend using the terms ‘non-sex haver’, ‘valiant steward of e-girls’, and ‘believer that women owe them things merely for existing’ so that no one is offended.

Twitch maintains its spot easily as the most popular streaming service, in spite of consistently making a mockery of their fans and the streamers that make their platforms popular. No one has any idea how to present that they’re upset to Twitch, so they’re all reportedly logging back into Twitch to watch their favorite streamers while badmouthing the service.