Tyler The Creator’s Friend Ended Up Bringing A Nintendo Switch Up On Stage At The Wildest Grammys We’ve Ever Seen

Tyler The Creator’s Friend Ended Up Bringing A Nintendo Switch Up On Stage At The Wildest Grammys We’ve Ever Seen
Credit: Nintendo Switch

When you care about brands, then you want to see them advanced everywhere you possibly can. And that is exactly why this thing about the Nintendo Switch is some of the biggest news we have ever seen so far in this game. For the first time, the world everywhere can finally figure out about the true power of the Nintendo Switch.

The news finally got out when the loyal friend of the internet’s greatest rapper, Tyler the Creator, managed to bring a Nintendo Switch up on stage after Tyler ended up winning the award for album of the year. This news should not surprise anyone because, as we all know, Tyler has been a campaign of redemption for the last six years. And it is finally starting to pan out for him. Congrats Tyler! And this time he is out there trying to bring back another old face we haven’t seen in a while.

Tyler the Creator’s best friend, Jasper, was seen on stage holding a Nintendo Switch. Is it a paid advertisement? Well, it might be, but the infamous duo has promised us that it isn’t what it looks like.

Here’s the short side of the story. Jasper brought the Nintendo Switch to the Grammys because he was bored, and like anyone who ends up being bored, he wanted something to do. Well, in that case, there is nothing better than using a Nintendo Switch to get rid of all that negative energy. This powerhouse is one of the most portable things in all of modern gaming. Good luck to him then.

What game was he playing? Well, none other than the most famous game out right now: Pokemon Sword and Shield (or rather, one or the other, I imagine). Anyway, he wasn’t about to leave that bad boy sitting in the chair when he went up on stage, was he?

What if someone else ended up stealing it? I imagine celebrities aren’t that rude, but what if they were? Then you could lose all your progress and you would be down a whole bunch of awesome Pokemon, wouldn’t you? So Jasper decided to bring the thing up there with him, and it could not be better timing for the rest of us.

This just means we will all get a bit more Nintendo hype in the coming days. More hype means more power, and more power means we might finally see those changes we all want to see in the gaming world of tomorrow. Thanks for reading!