Another Embarrassing Gaffe: Dozens Of Fallout 76 Players Get Their Stuff Back Only After Being Cloned By Bethesda

Another Embarrassing Gaffe: Dozens Of Fallout 76 Players Get Their Stuff Back Only After Being Cloned By Bethesda
Credit: Fallout 76 Website

Fallout 76 is one of the greatest dumpster fires of all time, but dare we say that it might be our favorite dumpster fire of all time? Well, that depends on what you mean, doesn’t it? The thing about Fallout 76 is that it is too easy to hate, and how couldn’t it be? They keep messing it up, over and over and over again. Well, good luck Bethesda, because we are not going to let you rest that easy.

In the most recent news revolving around the game, we learned that things are going just as bad as they always have been. In another update from our wildest developers, we discovered that they had to clone players to give them their stuff back after a bug ended up emptying out the inventories of players throughout the game. That is absolutely crazy if you think about it. Although I would prefer it if we didn’t have to think about it for a least a day.

It all started way back with Fallout 76’s initial release. Who could forget the canvas bag fiasco? The game was supposed to be released with a special canvas bag. Or at least that was what they promised when they pushed the game out the door. Did it happen like that? Nope. The players got these weird flimsy bags, and Bethesda had to issue an apology and refund the product.

Now that’s just embarrassing.

Ever since then, Bethesda has been doing their best to try to make up for the really poor game that they put out. But they haven’t been able to completely make up for everything. That’s why they keep running into all of these bugs actually.

If you fall behind on one thing, pretty soon you’re falling behind on three things if you aren’t being completely careful. If you know what I mean anyway. So here we are today. Good luck to everybody involved.

Anyway, what happened was this: A bunch of players was losing things out of their inventory. Nobody could figure out exactly why. It was just another bug in the code. These things happen. But they shouldn’t. And that is where the dilemma arose out of nowhere, the gamers demanded the problems get fixed, and eventually, Bethesda delivered, but they delivered by having to clone the players just to give them their inventories back. That’s just wild. If you happen to be playing this, I hope things work out for you eventually.