Kingdom Heart III New Secret Ending From The DLC Re:Mind Is Going To Absolutely Blow Your Mind Disney Fans

Kingdom Heart III New Secret Ending From The DLC Re:Mind Is Going To Absolutely Blow Your Mind Disney Fans
Credit: Kingdom Hearts Via YouTube

There are legends, and then there are LEGENDS. And if you know a thing or two about the world-famous video game universe we all know as the powerful Kingdom Hearts, then you know exactly what I am talking about right here. If we ever wanted to see some people get it done for real, then we would just need to turn and take a look at the powerful individuals behind this most excellent video game universe right here. And we have, in a sense, seen the power of these types of video games.

If you have managed to download the latest DLC for the game, Re: Mind, then you know Kingdom Hearts III is back in a really big way, and that new secret ending is absolutely mind-blowing. We are talking about some truly world-shattering events here. The kind of events we do not get to witness more than once or twice in a lifetime. So get ready over there, mega fans.

First thing you need to know: Donald is back. And this time, he is bigger than ever.

In an effort to stop the destruction of his girlfriend, Sora will have to use the world’s greatest time-traveling magic to go back and time and save the love of his life. He teleports all the way back to the final boss battle of Kingdom Hearts III, all in a bid to stop the death of the love his life before the immensely evil boss Xehanort!

Holy moly, talk about one of the most heartbreaking storylines of all time. We got mad respect for that, and to be honest, we wish Sora all the luck in the world. Will you be able to help him? Well, it depends on how much respect you got for the only duck with a plan in the game, Donald.

To get to that point you have to work together to manipulate a big artificial construct with computational abilities to do a limit cut. This will allow you to replay some of the major parts of the game, defeating data-based enemies everywhere you turn, becoming stronger, and getting all the pieces together to bring it all together for the one final battle of your lifetime. If you had to ask me about it: This is something beyond anything we have ever seen before in any type of Disney game ever. It is incredibly wild.

If you got it all together, we recommend you give Re:Mind a download. Good luck, my young cosmonauts.