Kingdom Hearts 2 Nendoroid Riku Figure Announced

Kingdom Hearts 2 Nendoroid Riku Figure Announced
Credit: GoodSmileCompany via Twitter

A few weeks ago, Good Smile Company announced a new Sora Nendoroid based on his appearance in Kingdom Hearts 2. Now the company is announcing a similar Nendoroid based on Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2. Nendoroids were already released of the characters from the first game, but now players can have a new version of their favorite characters.

Nendoroid Riku is fully articulated with adjusted proportions to show his growth from the first game but in figure form. Riku comes with two different face plates showing a series expression but also a smiling face. Buyers can remove his bangs to replace the faceplate.

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Riku is also packaged with his “Way to the Dawn” keyblade, plus Kairi’s letter and the bottle it was packaged in. Players can switch Riku’s hand out with Nendoroid Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora to hold the letter. This will allow fans to recreate the game’s memorable final scene but in Nendoroid form. Riku can also swap out other items with Sora, but the other Nendoroid is sold separately.

Riku is also packaged with additional arm parts, hand parts, and legs. As with all Nendoroids, the figure comes with a clear, plastic base. A peg can be inserted into his back if players want to create dynamic poses.

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Riku is currently available for preorder until January 7, 2021. Those interested in purchasing Riku should act quickly just in case stocks are limited. Fans can preorder the figure from either Good Smile Company’s official website or other authorized retailers. There is no information on if GSC will re-release this Nendoroid, so fans should act fast to secure their preorder.

The Nendoroid of Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora is still available for preorder until December 10. If fans want to recreate scenes with both characters, they can preorder both right now and save on shipping.

However, Sora is scheduled to ship one month before Riku, so fans might have to wait a few short weeks to reunite. Buyers should also be aware that Sora is slightly more expensive than Riku, but that may be due to the Nendoroid coming with additional accessories, such as a faceplate eating an ice cream popsicle.

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Kingdom Hearts 2 was first launched in 2005 for the PlayStation 2. The game was a sequel to the first game but took place one year after the events of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. KH2 continued the game’s theme of combining Square Enix franchises with Disney characters. A remastered version called Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix was later launched on the PS3 and PS4 in 2017 and later on the Xbox One this February.

Nendoroid Riku from Kingdom Hearts 2 will begin shipping in June 2021.