Good Smile Company Announces Adorably Tiny Version of Nendoroid Doom Slayer

Good Smile Company Announces Adorably Tiny Version of Nendoroid Doom Slayer
Credit: GoodSmileCompany via Twitter

Bethesda and Good Smile Company have teamed up to release Doom Slayer in Nendoroid form. This marks the first time the companies are collaborating for a Nendoroid or Figma figure, although Bethesda has already released other Doom Slayer collectibles in the past.

The tiny Doom Slayer is based on his appearance from the latest series, DOOM Eternal. The slayer only has one head option for his helmet. Unlike the game where players may see a small glimpse of the character’s face through his helmet, the Nendoroid has no transparency.

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Good Smile Company makes up for the lack of head parts with several accessories. Doom Slayer is fully articulated, which allows players to recreate several poses from the game series. As with all Nendoroid figures, he comes packaged with a clear, square base with a peg stand that attaches to his back. With this study stand, the head-heavy toy can pull off gravity-defying poses.

Doom Slayer is packaged with the Super Shotgun, chainsaw, Crucible Blade, and DOOM blade. Also included with the figure is The Equipment Launcher. Players also have additional effects to choose from, from the “Flame Belch” and blood splatter. A tiny Cacodemon is included if fans want to show the slayer ripping and tearing through his enemies.

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Doom Slayer is packaged with the base figure of his head and torso. He has multiple articulated arm parts, hands to hold weapons, and articulated leg parts. Unlike other Nendoroid toys, the slayer comes with almost as many optional weapons and accessories as he does optional body parts. The DOOM Blade itself comes in two forms, from sheathed to deployed form.

Those who want to purchase the figure can preorder it now from the official Good Smile Company website or authorized retailers. Some companies in Japan, where GSC is based, are opening shipping options, so buyers can check out those options as well. Preorders end on January 7, which gives fans plenty of time to reserve the Nendoroid.

Good Smile Company has re-released some of their most popular Nendoroids, but there is a chance he may sell out before the deadline or shortly after his release.

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Nendoroid Doom Slayer was first teased on Good Smile Company’s social media accounts a few weeks ago. The company shared images of the unpainted prototype of the base figure. Fans are already asking if a Figma, which is a smaller scale full-sized figure, will be released in the future, but the company hasn’t responded.

The Nendoroid Doom Slayer is scheduled to ship in May 2021.