Mobile Zombie Survival Game LifeAfter Season 3 Update Adds Open World And More

Mobile Zombie Survival Game LifeAfter Season 3 Update Adds Open World And More
Credit: NetEase via YouTube

NetEase Games has launched the Season 3 update for its post-apocalyptic zombie survival game LifeAfter. The new season adds a significant amount of content, which new additions and events taking place often.

The biggest addition in Season 3 is the open world. Previously, players explored various maps and had to wait in-between. Now players can explore in one giant map without having to wait. Players can travel through various environments and the next section will load seamlessly.

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LifeAfter offers many beautiful environments to explore, from forests, mountains, and more. Since the wait time to move from location to location has dramatically decreased, this should make the experience less frustrating for survivors. But since this is a survival game, there are still many dangers present.

Players may automatically notice the total game engine upgrades as well. The visuals for the game’s landscapes, weather changes, and character details were massively improved. With improved graphics, players should have a more immersive experience.

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NetEase also previously stated that once Season 3 begins, players will find free vehicles scattered across the map. Players can jump on motorcycles, off-road vehicles, or even helicopters. These vehicles can be driven alone or when fighting zombies with teammates. This is a new addition to the fighting experience for players.

Players can participate in rebuilding the infrastructure within the world, such as dams, roads, gas stations, and more. These are important parts of rebuilding the world after the zombie outbreak.

While players can make many new improvements, the dangers will also increase. LifeAfter implemented a new “Horde System” where zombies in large groups can take down secure structures. Players who tried to keep zombies away with locked doors or barbed wire may find it was no match for a big group.

The infected can interact with the environment in even more ways. They can climb, destroy obstacles, and camouflage themselves to surprise players. Fortunately, survivors also received an upgrade with an updated weapons and professions system.

LifeAfter has seen massive success since its launch in 2018. The game has been download almost 200 million times worldwide, and in 2019 was named Google Play’s “Best Competitive Mobile Game” in the Taiwan and Hong Kong Play Store.

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LifeAfter is a free-to-play game and is available now.