NetEase Games’ Survival Mobile Game LifeAfter Releases New Update With Sea Rescue Mission

NetEase Games’ Survival Mobile Game LifeAfter Releases New Update With Sea Rescue Mission
Credit: LifeAfter via Twitter

NetEase Games has announced a new update for their survival mobile game LifeAfter. The game focuses on various survival missions and continuously holds various special events.

A brand new in-game dungeon, the Cascade Rescue, will allow players to take on a sea rescue mission. Players will have to survive several challenges in the waters.

Players have to work together to pilot the plane and search for the crash location plus perform the rescue.

“Conquering the raging seas, thrilling sea rescues… On the unpredictable ocean, a crisis quietly spawned. A passenger plane crashed into the sea and the surviving passengers were faced with the dangers of seawater and possible explosions. Players had no time to hesitate, it was imminent to rescue the ones who had fallen into the water.” states the new update’s summary.

While piloting the rescue plane, players also have to deal with the natural elements. The high winds may knock the plane off-course while the raging seas may make rescuing survivors more dangerous for both the heroes and victims.

The opposing force, the Imperium Army, is also ready to attack during the time-sensitive mission. Some missions require players to fight the enemy force while recusing the victims on lifeboats.

The official LifeAfter Twitter and Facebook accounts have the latest updates about the game. They include notifications regarding maintenance and tips on how to survive various missions.

Before beginning any new mission, NetEase suggests characters get enough rest and ensure their weapons are fully repaired.

LifeAfter offers plenty of ways to restore humanity, from repairing railroads and traveling to new locations or building a new home with a teammate. Players can also drive vehicles, such as motorcycles, to escape enemies.

According to NetEase, LifeAfter has been downloaded over 100 million times across the globe. The game has reached the top of the App Store and Play Store charts in various countries.

LifeAfter was launched in English in February 2019. During LifeAfter’s first year of its overseas launch, the game received the Google Play Best Competitive Game of 2019.

NetEase Games has released several games across the world, including working with companies such as Blizzard Entertainment and Mojang.

LifeAfter is available now for free (with in-app purchases) on the App Store and Play Store.