Twitch Drops For Elder Scrolls Online Console Players Finally Available

Twitch Drops For Elder Scrolls Online Console Players Finally Available
Credit: Elder Scrolls Online Website

Twitch Drops for Elder Scrolls Online members were previously only available for PC players. Players had to have their accounts linked through Twitch, plus have an active Twitch Prime membership to be eligible. Gamers usually had to tune into a streamer with “Drops Enabled” or during a special ESO livestream for exclusive crates, mounts, or other content.

Console players were missing out on the fun. To earn exclusive rewards, they would have to log in, defeat an enemy, and then receive their award at a later date.

Now, ESO players on consoles can enjoy Twitch drops like PC players.

Gamers will first need to link their Twitch account to their ESO account. This is easily done by logging into their ESO account on the official website. Click “Linked Accounts” on the left side and then “Link Twitch Account.”

The website will then ask to log into Twitch if they already aren’t logged in. Gamers simply have to give authorization for ESO to link to their Twitch account, and everything is set up.

Players can also create a Twitch account to be eligible for any awards.

Now when players on console watch any ESO streamer with drops enabled, this allows them to earn random in-game awards. These are the same as the PC version and include Crown Poisons, Mimic Stones, Riding Lessons, or Experience Scrolls.

More limited edition awards include Ouroboros Crown Crates or even the exclusive Senche of Scarlet Regret mount or Senche Cub of Scarlet Regret pet.

If gamers forgot the email address they used to sign up for an ESO account, this is an easy fix. The option to change an email address is now available in-game in the Account menu. After changing an email address, it will need to be verified to activate the account.

Gamers new to Twitch can search for the game Elder Scrolls Online and set filters according to how many people are currently viewing the stream. There is a dedicated game category for the title. There is also a devoted family of ESO streamers who play daily, and they usually have drops enabled. ESO works with these streamers closely, and they sometimes offer free versions of the game or upcoming DLC.

The Twitch Drops feature for Elder Scrolls Online is now available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users.