As Twitch Pushes To Ban ‘Hurtful’ Terms, A Streamer Pushes Explicit Content With A Three Day Ban

As Twitch Pushes To Ban ‘Hurtful’ Terms, A Streamer Pushes Explicit Content With A Three Day Ban
Credit: Twitch Prime via Twitter

There has been a bit of rumor-mongering regarding differing rules for streamers on Twitch depending on your gender and how willing you are to send explicit photos of yourself to staff members for them to share.

This was years ago at this point, and Twitch finally removed one of the offenders after a lengthy period of silence that was punctuated with speculation and theory.

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Now, Twitch is flying as quickly as possible in the complete opposite direction, banning words that might make people uncomfortable and sending out DMCA bans to everyone, regardless of who owns the music. Everybody’s feelings are hurt, and Twitch is trying to make their platform as advertiser-friendly as possible.

Being the sheer size of Twitch, there absolutely is an impetus to be a trail-blazer regarding the curation and standards of communities that typically branch well beyond the streaming platform; this hasn’t made the decisions any more popular with the fanbase that has been subjected to endless advertisements interrupting every play plausible, but a rational being can recognize that there are difficulties when dealing with the open cesspool that is the internet.

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We can’t really argue that: the open internet is filled with just enough garbage humans to ensure that interactions will inevitably turn sour if you spend enough time on the platform.

Yet in spite of this sudden turn-about that is shifting Twitch from a proverbial wild-west to a far more tamer corporate-controlled entity, there are still a few echoes of what Twitch used to be, some posit.

A streamer yesterday on Twitch went live, allegedly attempting to record content for her OnlyFans page, and ended up published an extremely sexually explicit video that lasted for a bit over eight minutes until the streamer looks at her phone, and appears to hurry off from the camera.

The streamer in question has received a whopping three-day ban for the video, although some are speculating that the ban will increase to an indefinite status within this time frame. Meanwhile, other streamers that have streamed with DMCA content are receiving lifetime bans.

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MissBehavinOfficial was a Twitch and GFuel partner, and some are making frankly threadbare connections regarding the original incident of Hassan Bokhari offering partner status to women that were willing to send him explicit photos, and this incident where a streamer appears to be readily watching her OBS application and the stream having the title ‘Back with a vengeance’.

Ostensibly, an indefinite ban is coming down the pipes for the extremely explicit video. It frankly doesn’t bode well for the platform if there isn’t a harsh punishment, although this incident will absolutely set a precedent for upcoming infractions of other streamers.