Landlord’s Super Has A New Paint And Decoration Update Out Now

Landlord’s Super Has A New Paint And Decoration Update Out Now
Credit: Yogscast Games via YouTube

If you’ve ever wanted to take on the role of a landlord — dealing with property issues and disputes from tenants — then Landlord’s Super is the sim for you.

It gives games the unique perspective of what it’s like to be an actual landlord, in charge of important day-to-day duties. The game has a lot of systems and controls that really immerse you in the landlord role.

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The game just got even more authentic thanks to a new update that’s now live, which adds painting and decorating options for players that want to be a little more creative. Landlord’s Super is still a work in progress, but it’s nice to see the developer making it more complete in meaningful ways.

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Now gamers that want to change the color of walls or perhaps the flooring material can thanks to this new update. That gives players many more options to make these dwellings fit for tenants. It also appears like some of the decorating options aren’t just for cosmetic purposes.

Some of the flooring options will help keep damage at bay, such as certain flooring types around the bathroom. That just means less issues you’ll have to deal with, although there will still be plenty to keep you busy as a landlord’s job is never really complete. There are always things to do on the list one day to the next.

The new cosmetic options give players plenty to play around with, but the actual application of the materials is where the real fun begins. You’ll get to paint beautiful strokes of paint or lay up wallpaper like a pro around different areas for the perfect aesthetic. You’ll feel like an actual contractor, turning the plain to brilliant one paint stroke at a time.

All the while, you can head down to the local pub and have some pints to relax after a hard day of painting and decorating. Landlord’s Super is the perfect blend of humorous sequences and authentic dwelling renovation. The community has taken well to it since launch and this new update should further the game’s momentum as 2020 comes to a close.

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Who knows what else the developer will add to an already solid landlord simulation game? One thing is for sure; painting and decorating walls and flooring should give players plenty to do while they wait for the next major update. This current addition seems perfect for renovation kings and queens.