SnowRunner Now Has Mods On The PS4 And Xbox One

SnowRunner Now Has Mods On The PS4 And Xbox One
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The off-roading truck sim SnowRunnerhas allowed players to push their driving skills to the limit. Whether it’s flowing rivers or icy mountains, players are constantly having to battle the elements and tough obstacles. Add mods into the mix and then you really have some tough challenges up ahead if you want them.

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Unfortunately, mod support has been noticeable absent from the console versions of SnowRunner. That all changed a few days ago, fortunately. Now, mods are finally available for the Xbox One and PS4 version.

That gives console players access to a lot of new items, including specialized trucks, crazy maps, and then purely bizarre items that you could only think up in a dream. This is just the tip of the iceberg too.

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As Saber Interactive continues to work on the modding community for SnowRunner, more great items will be made available. So if you’ve had your fill of current missions and vehicles, you can expect the content train to keep moving along and providing you with unique trucking experiences.

The way Saber Interactive has these mods set up, browsing based on category is easy. Whether you want a particular vehicle or just a unique add-on, you can quickly find the right destination and start downloading.

In no time, you’ll have new content to keep SnowRunner a novel experience each time you come back. That opens up this game like never before on consoles, which is incredible because this off-roading trucking sim was already pretty open in the vehicles and areas you could explore.

There are already a lot of mods to pick and choose from, with the new map selection looking particularly promising. There are courses with surreal obstacles that will challenge even the most experienced drivers. You have to see them for yourself to believe.

The modding community clearly spent a lot of time thinking about ways they could challenge drivers of varying experience levels. Based on the trailer up above, it’s clear they have succeeded. And it’s great to see that this modding support won’t cease any time soon.

Whether you think you have what it takes to complete the tough courses or just want to have fun trying, the new map variety should give console players all kinds of unique experiences that weren’t previously possible. You can mix and match different mod vehicles too if you’re feeling a little bold. It’s all possible in SnowRunner.

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