Monster Sanctuary Has Released For Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch And PC

Monster Sanctuary Has Released For Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch And PC
Credit: Steam XO

Monster Sanctuary has launched onto several platforms bringing a unique pixel-Metroidvania experience to players. Collect monsters from across the land and keep them safe in your unique sanctuary in this title from Team17. Explore caves, cater to their needs, and collect monsters from across the entire land.

Once you have collected the monster, you must train them and put them to battle to determine who the ultimate monster is. This is all a quest to become the ultimate Monster Keeper and save the Monster Sanctuary that keeps the peace between humanity and the monsters of the world.

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In Monster Sanctuary, players will get to collect, train, and battle monsters in 3v3 confrontations. The entire game is presented in a side-view manner giving it a classic feeling while innovating on the initial combat and design.

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Explore the expansive land of monsters and call upon them when you need their aid in combat. Using their unique powers, you can fly, ride, and fight through almost any situation. The world is yours to explore, and the monsters can help players overcome almost any challenge.

Players start by selecting a spectral familiar. This is a magical monster who guides players to the sanctuary and helps them cast their first monster. From there, players must train, hatch, and collect the 101 monsters spread across the world.

To maximize combat efficiency, players must stack their attack, deal with devastating combos, and fight to earn the rarest of monster eggs. The stronger your team, the more combat you can take, and the higher chance of finding rare eggs will become available.

Once your done conquering the lands in a PVE environment, take your monsters against players on a national level and battle in PVP arena. Max out your skill trees and take on real player teams across the world as you prove yourself the ultimate Monster Keeper in the land.

This is a tactical and long adventure that any fan of Pokemon is sure to enjoy. Travel the land and collecting beast is a simple concept, but the progression system for each monster gives fans a unique flair to adjust at any time.

This title is great for all ages. So far it has received a Very positive review on Steam and seems to be creating an active community dedicated to its magical land.

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Monster Sanctuary is available on all platforms for $19.99 with some discounts scattered on Steam and other locations.