Blizzard Has Added PvP Testing To The World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Beta

Blizzard Has Added PvP Testing To The World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Beta
Credit: Traxium via YouTube

Blizzard has been hard at work getting the testing done for the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Shadowlands. They’ve recently taken another huge step in that direction by finally adding PvP content to the beta servers.

The beta servers are made for testing and, as such, won’t always run at the optimum speed. Additionally, the things that are available are all unfinished and very often unbalanced.

There’s already been a great few changes made as a result of testing through the alpha and beta, such as the revert on the time-gating system that was being added to the Torghast, Tower of the Damned content. Blizzard has spent much of the testing period listening closely and seem to continue to do so.

With their latest update, players will be able to test the Player vs. Player systems to see if they’re game ready. While this update isn’t adding in all of the PvP content, it’s adding in enough for fans to test.

One of the primary additions will be the Honor currency system. This will allow players to test how Honor is earned, as well as spent, so that we can best see how long we can expect to spend to earn our new PvP gear.

The return of PvP vendors is also something that many fans have been excited about, the system having been gutted for BfA and replaced with a few others. Players will once again be able to gather their PvP gear to claim supremacy and a solid edge over opponents.

New PvP trinkets are going to be tested as well, purchasable from Purveyor Zo’kuul in the Enclave within Oribos. Going to the Ring of Fates will allow players to retrieve Honor from the Test Resource Distributor as well.

Finally, all instanced PvP maps will now have a scaling aura active for all players. This aura will simulate the current end-game item level, allowing players to see how end-game PvP will work in its current iteration.

Of course, the end-game item level is also subject to a great deal of change as an expansion goes on. The power creep between the launch of Battle for Azeroth and the current 8.3 patch as pre-patch approaches is massive.

Still, this will allow us to see how Blizzard expects end-game PvP to exist in the expansion’s current state, as well as allowing us to make our voices heard on any changes we think are necessary. There are bound to be tweaks to the systems as they’re tested, so keep your eye out for whatever Blizzard’s latest changes prove to be.