TERROR SQUID Has Just Released New Information And a Trailer For Its Upcoming Bullet Hell Arcade Game

TERROR SQUID Has Just Released New Information And a Trailer For Its Upcoming Bullet Hell Arcade Game
Credit: Steam XO

Terror Squid is a bullet hell style game from Apt Games. The developers have just revealed a brand new trailer as part of an indies showcase. Players that love synth-based score attack games will love the hardcore action found within this simple arcade-style game.

This title is easy to understand but takes years to master. Every enemy projective is caused by the Terror Squid as you travel across a doomed planet. You play as a cosmic chaos entity spinning around the world and emitting your own destruction.

Terror Squid offers players the opportunity to create their own bullet hell experience as they craft a symphony of destruction. This game is all about survival as you drop projectiles that will constantly loop around this strange world.

Think fast as you weave past your own bullets and try to survive as long as possible. The perfectly round nature of your world causes the bullets to infinitely spin around the globe causing future problems for you. Dodge every shot, eave past every bullet, and spin around the globe only to find that they have come around again as well.

Dodge and create bullet patters of your own design as you travel around the map. If you survive long enough, you will release a primordial blast of dark energy that chain reacts with your projectiles creating a moment of safety. This title is all about survival.

The graphics are vector-based giving the game a classic look and a classic difficulty. Fly around the world and watch as the projectiles follow where you left them in a traditional arcade experience.

This title will compare your score with your friends letting you dominate the leaderboard and prove who is the best of the Terror Squid gene pool. Ascend to the top and prove among your peers who is the master of bullet hell creation.

This title pushes the persona of the Terror Squid letting players embrace that although they are destroyed, they are also infinite. Weave, dodge, clear, and score as you create the most complex array of bullet hell chaos imaginable.

There is a dedicated steam page for this game already live. Players can view screenshots and trailers along with gaining additional information about this unique title.

Terror Squid is planned to release from Apt Games later this year with no confirmed release date as of yet. Embrace the squid and become the embodiment of chaos.