Vectorlord Is A Twin-Stick Shooter Headed To Steam, Fight Through The Kaleidoscopic Immune System And Defeat The Infectophage

Vectorlord Is A Twin-Stick Shooter Headed To Steam, Fight Through The Kaleidoscopic Immune System And Defeat The Infectophage
Credit: NeverQuake Games Inc via Youtube

NerveQuake Software plans to release Vectorlord on May 18. The game is a fast-paced arcade twin-stick shooter stylized like a DOS game. Blast through thousands of enemies on a quest to save a digital world from an ever-growing threat. Experience a game that breathes and feels like a DOS-era classic experience, but has a layer of modern game design integrated into it.

This game’s retro aesthetic is a welcome sight in an era of new games. As the gaming world is looking forward, clever indie developers like NerveQuake Software are looking backward and developing gems like this. Master your abilities and take down the Infectorphage once and for all.

Vectorlord puts you in the role of a hero who must dodge and weave through a bullet-hell world. Travel through the immune system of the evil Infectophage and destroy it from the inside out. This deadly virus is siphoning Deltas from your homeworld, resulting in a massive loss of life. Only a brave hero can end the plague and bringing about the fall of evil.

The game is played in a twin-stick system and combines bullet-hell with shoot-em-up gameplay. This is a fast-moving game with rogue-lite mechanics designed to test even the fastest game’s skill. Dodge, dash, kick, and swim through over 20 different levels on your mission to take down the Infectophage.

Weapons can be combined to form up to 20 different weapons, which players can use to fight the machine. Each weapon has different strengths and tactics that give a slightly varying playstyle. Adapt and apply different tactics to every weapon as you constantly change your playstyle.

This is a non-linear world, and players will have to explore each section of the map to discover new locations. As you travel, use Deltas to unlock each section and expand the world for you to explore. Discover new enemies, bosses, hazards, and more as you progress through the ever-evolving levels and search for the solution to this evil plague.

This indie game is both inspiring and simple. The graphics make the game look deceptively old, while the difficulty gives it a rush of authenticity that other games lack. Explore a truly modern version of a classic game-design style in Vectorlord.

Vectorlord is planned for a PC release on Steam as of May 18. For more information, explore the Steam page, keep up with the Dev blog, or check out the developer’s social media. Enjoy this look into the past, with a challenge for the future.