Explore Nightmares In DreamBack VR As You Explore Rickfford Mansion And Attempt To Uncover The Mystery While Saving Your Sanity

Explore Nightmares In DreamBack VR As You Explore Rickfford Mansion And Attempt To Uncover The Mystery While Saving Your Sanity
Credit: worthplayingvideos via Youtube

DreamBack VR is a first-person horror game that takes you into the depths of Rickfford Mansion. Experience the mystery of a haunted home and strive to keep your sanity intact. This VR experience is sure to haunt your dreams and make you really experience fear at a whole new level.

This is a classic scary mansion adventure where players explore the mystery of what occurred at Rickfford Mansion. As a psychological horror, the game does not rely on shock factor but rather creates the environment of horror by manipulating the lights and sounds of the environment. The atmosphere creates a world where the player can be fully immersed, and that is where the real fear factor emerges.

Players take the role of an electrition who was called to repair a downed electrical power line in the Rickfford Mansion. The job ends up not being as simple as expected and the player must navigate through memories of the experience.

Every memory is hazy and vague, and it is hard to recall exactly what happened that night. Something terrified you so much that months later your still in shock, your relationship is strained, and no one knows exactly what happened.

The answers seem to come when you discover a psychiatrist who claims to be able to bring back memories through hypnosis. One appointment later, and you are back at the house with one goal in mind: Discover what happened that night at Rickfford Mansion.

This game was designed for VR systems as it immerses players in fully interactive and detailed environments. Feel realistic movement and hand controls that allow you to navigate the mansions and solve all the puzzles through your own observations. This is a spine-chilling experience of psychological terror without any combat or action-oriented sequences needed.

The game has optimized visual quality without sacrificing any performance. Stable frame rates, adaptive graphics, and sound all allow for the building of a continuously spooky environment. Experience a new world of fear as you slowly creep through the mansion with no idea of what is to come.

DreamBack VR is planned for a release later in 2020. The game will support Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality headset. For more information be sure to explore the game’s Steam Page, Trailer, and other information. This is an already spooky game that only seems to get spookier as more information is released about it.