What Is Infernal Radiation? Battle Irradiated Demons On An Island Hellscape, Game Out Today On Steam

What Is Infernal Radiation? Battle Irradiated Demons On An Island Hellscape, Game Out Today On Steam
Credit: Asmodev via YouTube

Love destroying demons in a dark and gruesome fantasy setting? Infernal Radiation is an RPG arcade-clicker focused on combat, story and dark humour. The game is developed by the Polish developer Asmodev – who has a lot of other games coming out on Steam soon – and published by Art Games Studio.

Infernal Radiation goes into Early Access as the devs are looking to start playtesting. In its current form, there are a few gameplay similarities pointed out by the dev that give a good idea of what the game is trying to achieve. It’s inspired by the Chernobyl disaster and surrounding exclusion zone, as well as taking some influence from the Doom series.

You play as Cardinal Godspeed, an exorcist sent to clear the island of devilish demons and figures that have emerged after a reactor has exploded in Hell. Kitted out with the plague mask and bottles of holy water, the player navigates a narrative that involves exploration, combat and collecting items.

Combat is fairly straightforward. You can both attack and defend with the click of the mouse. Defending will send projectiles firing back at the opponent – the intro tutorial section gives you a clear idea of how the combat will develop in the game.

The game is in early access and early trailers/gameplay suggest that the combat mechanics are yet to be properly fleshed out. It seems like a lot of the bosses and enemies have very similar attack patterns – a bit like a sort of clicking game or bullet hell game. There are 20 demons in the game which do have unique characters models and attack abilities.

Get the pattern down and you’ll be able to take down pretty much anything. The simple mechanics are paired with bosses that get harder and harder – easy to learn, hard to master. There is an item system, as well as an in-game shop. You can collect sins to spend on upgrades to your arsenal.

Overall, this game looks promising with some interesting narratives throughout. If you’re a fan of laid-back games with a steep learning curve, Infernal Radiation will be available on Steam in Early Access today.