Render Cube’s Open-World Medieval Dynasty Simulator Announced For Steam Early Access

Render Cube’s Open-World Medieval Dynasty Simulator Announced For Steam Early Access
Credit: Medieval Dynasty via Steamteam

Publisher Toplitz Productions and developer Render Cube have are planning the Steam release for their upcoming open-world Middle Ages simulator Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty will first enter Steam Early Access. This will allow the developer to get valuable player feedback before the game launches. Further details about what will be included in the Early Access release is not yet known.

Medieval Dynasty takes place in Europe during the Middle Ages. Players begin the game as a poor but skilled hunter and farmer who decides to take fate into his own hands. The game is meant to be a realistic simulator set in the Middle Ages, so players should expect some freedom, but this is a time period where nobles and the clergy had the most power.

“A mysterious land ruled by nobles and the clergy rule, where trade between the nations has introduced not only prosperity, but envy, greed, and distrust, awaits those who embark on their journey in Medieval Dynasty. Use the ever-changing landscape to turn your small plot of land into a home, a village, and a kingdom that will stand the test of time, as you and your descendants create a dynasty to rule for generations to come!” states the official game summary.

The game contains a realistic open-world, 3D landscape with four full seasons, night and day cycle, plus realistic weather conditions.

Players can interact with the environment to collect fruit, stones, explore caves, or collect lumber. These resources are essential to creating one of the 18 different buildings, from haystacks to full stone mansions. Players can also craft over 60 pieces of equipment, such as tools, weapons, plus furniture, and clothing.

Characters also have to eat and drink, so players will need to interact with the wildlife by hunting. Players can customize their character’s skills further with a detailed skill tree.

There will be plenty to do just to survive, but players will also have to interact with NPCs, trade, and building their dynasty’s reputation with various events with the king.

Warhorse Studios, who developed Kingdome Come: Deliverance, also commented on the video that the game “Looks interesting!”

Publisher Toplitz Productions has released other tyles, such as Farmer’s Dynasty, which stars a farmer trying to build a successful farming business in the countryside.

There is no set release date for Medieval Dynasty. The Steam page only mentions it is coming in 2020.