Medieval Dynasty Releases Major Content Update With Fishing, Roads, And More

Medieval Dynasty Releases Major Content Update With Fishing, Roads, And More
Credit: Medieval Dynasty via Steam

Toplitz Productions and RenderCube’s Medieval Dynasty launched in Early Access two months ago. The Medieval period simulator has since received over 8,500 positive reviews so far. However, the developer still has work to do.

Medieval Dynasty will receive even more content soon. Players can enjoy survival, adventure, RPG, and simulation content in an open Medieval world within one game.

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The developer has announced additional updates shortly. The content includes rising, farming, barkeeping, and the addition of bandits. Players interested in learning more can follow the Steam page for updates or the developer on social media.

Since its Early Access launch, there have been more than 20 updates. One of the first big updates were events. Players were forced to make important decisions that would have various outcomes. Another addition was the fishing mechanic. This allowed players to have one more way to catch fish and craft new tools to collect as many as possible.

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The developer also added a few other quality of life improvements. Thanks to player feedback, there is now path and road building. Players can plan the layout of buildings and roads according to their maps. Street lights make villagers brighter at night to make traveling at night much safer.

Since its launch, the game has added several new languages such as Russian, French, Japanese, Italian, and many more. Now the game is accessible to even more players across the globe.

Medieval Dynasty takes place in the early Middle Ages of Europe. Nobles and clergy rule, while trade between nations brings prosperity but also greed. Throughout the land are military conflicts that keep changing the landscape.

Players control a young man who has fled from the war and wants to create his own destiny. Although he is alone and inexperienced, he can master many skills and become a leader of his community. What begins as a single path soon branches out into a community that lasts for generations.

The title contains several survival elements as well. Players have to eat, so they’ll have to learn how to craft and hunt with the right tools. Other animals are on the prowl, such as bears and wolves, who may attack the hunting humans.

The developer has stated that they plan to keep the game in Early Access for at least six months. It is working with the community of players to include new content and resolve any issues currently in the game.

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The full version will see a price increase, but also much more content. Players can pick up the game in its current state in Early Access and enjoy incoming updates before its eventual price increase and full launch next year.

Medieval Dynasty is available on Steam Early Access now.