Medieval Dynasty Update Adds New Dynamic Environmental Sounds For More Immersion

Medieval Dynasty Update Adds New Dynamic Environmental Sounds For More Immersion
Credit: Toplitz via YouTube

Ever thought the rustling trees and distant thump of the blacksmith’s hammer in your fantasy medieval world weren’t quite atmospheric enough? Well, the newest Medieval Dynasty update should fix that for you. It’s the latest in a series of ongoing updates to the Early Access simulation game that has seen steady popularity on Steam.

The first updates to the environmental sound system are mostly to do with birds. And wind. Background ambient noise of wind in the leaves and singing birds will be calculated based on how many trees are near the player. It’s a pretty neat mechanic and not one that is too common in games.

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The idea is to make the environment around the player feel more alive. In Toplitz’s previous update to the game, which was a bit more full-on and arrived just over a week ago, they addressed problems with bugs and NPCs doing wacky things that sometimes ruined immersion.

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The new environmental sound system includes new sounds for wind while you walk through the forest, different bird sounds (currently a work in progress), and new sounds for fishing NPCs that cover catching a fish, missing a haul, and idling in the water.

Various other sounds have been updated, too: there are new sounds for the Horse, Donkey, and Deer; general animal sounds have been replaced with noises that sound more natural, and there are new sounds for animals munching down on some hay.

This small update to Medieval Dynasty – out today, May 7th – also deals with a few more bug fixes. Animals, especially deer, will no longer randomly appear halfway up a tree or on the roof of your house. Other wild animals won’t just wander into the middle of town, either.

Other changes have been made to make certain building modules sturdier, two quests have been fixed (Alwin’s VIII and IX stories have been sorted out), and some other general updates to your character’s model have been made as well.

Lastly, a few balance changes have been made, including reducing the speed of the Buck, Doe, and Wolf, which should make the player’s life a little easier. On the flip side, both the Boar and Bear have had their movement speed increased: this will make it harder for the player to escape unless the animals are already wounded.

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Medieval Dynasty is in Early Access on Steam now.