Persona 4 Golden Hits 500,000 Players On PC, And It Seems That Only Atlus Is Surprised

Persona 4 Golden Hits 500,000 Players On PC, And It Seems That Only Atlus Is Surprised
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Mind-blowing results here: if you open your title to more platforms, people will purchase said title on available platforms. It’s a sentence that outlets will need to repeat often in the future, with Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC, and many other remakes well in the pipes of their respective developers.

Yet every time an exclusivity deal expires, or the developer gets an errant thought about possibly bringing their title to other platforms, they always act surprised when they find support on the other platforms.

If it needs to be said: exclusivity makes no game great; the greatness of a game should be judged based on the title, and not how it compares to other titles within its own franchise or on that specific console.

It’s why people are frustrated with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it’s what makes The Last Of Us 2 a masterclass in story-telling, and why Counter-Strike is the indisputable king of competitive shooters. When compared to other titles, they stand head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Digressions aside, however pertinent, and Atlus has just celebrated Persona 4 Golden hitting 500,000 thousand players on the PC, after the title originally shipped on June 14, 2012, for the PlayStation Vita; a move that seemed poised to bring the franchise into the handheld console to bolster sales.

P4G is not to be confused with Persona 4, which released mid-to-late 2008 for the PlayStation 2.

To be fair, the title is an absolute banger: teenagers desperately attempt to uncover a serial killer while going about their lives, and those two paradigms fight for the players’ time, which is always of the essence.

With absolutely over-the-top art direction and some of the most outlandish enemies seen on PC in recent history, Persona 4 Golden is likely to enjoy a long shelf life on the Steam platform.

It doesn’t hurt that you can have your allies semi-competently auto-battle so you’re not stuck in a turn-based RPG battling hell your entire time.

For all of its popularity, however, Persona 4 Golden only has four mods listed on the leading modding community, NexusMods; a startling enough realization for a title to be as popular as it is, and only have a fraction of the modding support that many have come to almost expect, despite Bethesda attempting to turn it into yet another financial cog.

With many heralding Persona 4 Golden as a success in both popularity and sales, considering it’s a title that is well over a decade old at this point, people are wondering what’s next. There’s clearly a fan-base that is on PC, and it’s only likely to grow with P4G now available. P5R when?