Medieval Dynasty June Update Adds Ways To Flirt With NPCs And Other New Content

Medieval Dynasty June Update Adds Ways To Flirt With NPCs And Other New Content
Credit: Toplitz

Medieval Dynasty‘s stream of updates keeps coming, this time with a sizeable June update that includes a new animal, the Lynx, a new profession, the Store Keeper, and a new building, a Market Stall. This update is currently available on the TEST BRANCH of the game.

Oh, and you can also flirt with NPCs now. Even though it’s the Medieval period and everything smells like cabbages, love finds a way.

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That’s just a quick glance at what this large update adds, though. There are a bunch of other new features and bug fixes that continue to round out the Medieval Dynasty experience during its Early Access period.

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First up, the new flirting system. This seems like it’s been pretty well thought about, and you’ll be able to give gifts, tell poems, and otherwise try to charms the socks off an NPC character. Flirting is one of four new NPC characteristics and interactions that will be added to Medieval Dynasty.

You’ll be able to buy gifts from traveling merchants that spawn seasonally in nearby villages. This complements the new map generation, which apparently adds 26 new places that can spawn on the map at any point, which continues to add more detail to the overworld.

As well as flirting, you can now become a full-time storekeeper in the game. This arrives with the new market building and storekeeper job role. You can stock it out with the resources you collect and sell them for a profit.

A new animal, the Lynx, is just another creature to worry about in the medieval forests of the game. To go with the new creature is a rework of the animal combat system, including a warning system (thankyou, Toplitz, thankyou) of when you’re about to be attacked. No longer will you get a random jumpscare as a wolf jumps on your back.

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Animals will now lose interest in you if you manage to escape to a building, and won’t stalk around the doors and windows like some sort of zombie. Oh, and they won’t randomly start trying to attack you when you’re just sat inside.

This update also includes a load of what I like to call “immersion” updates as well – as NPCs will now use tools in the field, villagers will now only require wood and food during the hours that they’re at work (they sort themselves out in their free time), and some interesting changes to vegetation generation. Looks good so far.