Ghostbusters: The Video Game Is Making A Comeback In October; The Perfect Time For Some Ghost-Hunting Adventures

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Is Making A Comeback In October; The Perfect Time For Some Ghost-Hunting Adventures
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The Ghostbusters movies have been an important part of cinematography history. The original cast had such a great chemistry. You were thoroughly thrilled seeing them band together to stop evil ghouls and goblins that escaped into New York City.

It has been roughly two decades since the original first aired on the silver screens, and yet, the franchise keeps moving along. The franchise crossed over into video games back in 2009 with Ghostbusters: The Video Game. It was a really popular game that featured the same actors from the original movies.

The game was so popular — in fact — that we’re getting a remastered version. And those hoping to get their hands on a copy won’t have to wait very long. That’s because it will be available on October 4 for the Switch, Xbox One, PC and PS4. Given the subject matter of this franchise, this month is most appropriate for a release.

Like most remastered games, this one will feature better graphics. The first game’s visuals weren’t bad by any means, but this version should bring crisper details and more vibrant colors. It will be the definitive way to blast ghosts with a proton blaster.

As mentioned earlier, the game features voice-acting from the original actors in the movie. That includes Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, and the king himself, Bill Murray. If you’ve been a fan of the movies, you’re surely jumping at the bit to play this authentic Ghostbusters experience.

The story in this remastered version is true to the movies. You take on the role as a new recruit. Upon your arrival to the team, ghosts and entities have once again escaped into the crowded streets of New York City.

The voice-acting is pretty top notch here. There are many witty lines that beak up the tension at just the right moments. It’s clear the developers at Terminal Reality were fans of the first two movies. The performances from the voice actors truly make you feel like part of a huge cinematic experience.

You’ll find all of the tools and weapons in this game that were featured in the movies. Using a proton blaster to capture ghosts never gets old. There are also plenty of bosses to take down, which add a fun challenge at just the right moments.

Overall, this remastered version seems like a great value. Even if you’ve never watched a Ghostbusters movie, this game will provide fun and thrilling moments.