Upcoming Obsidian Game, The Outer Worlds, Somewhat Looks Like The Post-Apocalyptic Fallout Game, Only In Space

Upcoming Obsidian Game, The Outer Worlds, Somewhat Looks Like The Post-Apocalyptic Fallout Game, Only In Space
Credit: Obsidian Entertainment via YouTube

The Outer Worlds is an upcoming Obsidian Entertainment game set in the future where monopolistic corporations are colonizing alien planets. Though the concept is far from the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout: New Vegas, both games share some similarities. The connection between games extends beyond the involvement of the gaming giant but shares what seems to be a continuation of the Obsidian RPG style.

Senior Designer, Brian Heins explains in a recent interview that The Outer Worlds is not supposed to be a follow up of any previously released game. The originality of the game is right within its intrinsic framework except that, “It’s more like this is our next Obsidian RPG,” he clarifies. “Because between like, KOTOR, New Vegas, Stick of Truth, they all have kind of the same DNA running through them, which is Obsidian’s style of RPG.”

So, in many ways, Outer Worlds will still possess the qualities of what an Obsidian game looks and feels like. The more significant comparison is drawn out with the Fallout game since the game dev has already worked in one of its highly acclaimed franchises.

One particular emphasis that’s been nagging on everyone’s mind is the time-slowdown mechanic which allows players to target enemies, particularly at their vulnerable areas. This has the same concept as the VATS System used in the Fallout genre. Along with that, the environment looks like a real Obsidian game putting the more exceptional accent on hues that closely resemble the Fallout game.

The Outer Worlds also allow players to recruit companions who can be part of the adventure and comment as the story progress. The art deco and overall game styling may set this game apart, but the gameplay does not make much of a difference from Obsidian’s previous releases.

The player choice though is one of the most significant parts of the storyline aside from the game’s narrative. The Outer Worlds has a lot of conversation, and dialogue seems to be part of the whole game. Dialogue choices have a different outcome. A player can choose to either be polite, use intimidations, be charismatic, or choose to be flippant based on how they want the story to play out.

Spending hours on the game will make The Outer Worlds slightly different in terms of its one-person playability and without in-game purchases or the GaaS approach. The game will be out October 25 this year.