MythicOwl Announces A New Creative Game One Line Coloring For PC, Consoles, And Mobile

MythicOwl Announces A New Creative Game One Line Coloring For PC, Consoles, And Mobile
Credit: One Line Drawing via Steam

Publisher and developer MythicOwl has announced its latest title, One Line Coloring. The game is a vibrant puzzle game about “connecting the dots” to uncover themed dioramas. The puzzler is a relaxing game built on childhood games.

One Line Coloring begins with some simple shapes that are easy to uncover. Others may be harder for players to guess and require players to complete the puzzle before the object reveals itself.

Each level has a lined shape of an object. As the shape is slowly uncovered, the model comes to life in full color. Each object is part of a larger picture. Once players complete each object in a scene, the diorama will come to life. Players can then sit back and enjoy the beautiful scene they’ve created. The dioramas range from everyday items, island living, beaches, fauna and flora, and more.

A short teaser trailer shows how to play the game. As players complete a section and fill in the color, the object will come to life. Players are encouraged to finish the puzzle as fast as possible to beat their score.

One Line Coloring has over 100 models to complete and collect. There are six unique themes to showcase models players ave completed. The dioramas are animated, bringing life to the scene. The game is easy enough for children to complete, but provide a relaxing environment that adults can also enjoy.

One Line Coloring is only available for one player and doesn’t have multiplayer. The game is available in 29 languages with interfaces and audio, although there isn’t spoken audio. Players can choose to play with a controller or mouse and keyboard on PC or with touch screen controls for mobile.

MythicOwl previously developed Trancelation, which is also available now on Steam. The game takes place in a neon universe filled with fractals. Players can use the game to boost their memory and develop new skills by memorizing new words. The game has an interesting feature where players can create and share vocabulary lists to help others in their language learning journey.

Players can add One Line Coloring to their wishlists now on Steam and mobile to be notified as soon as the game launches. The mobile versions of the game will come at a premium of $2.99 and use more of a vertical alignment than horizontal.

One Line Coloring launches on August 21 for PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.