Little-Noticed Pokemon Game, Pokemon Rumble Rush, Will Shut Everything Down This Upcoming July

Little-Noticed Pokemon Game, Pokemon Rumble Rush, Will Shut Everything Down This Upcoming July
Credit: Chris Miller

When Pokemon Rumble Rush first came out, no one knew exactly what to think. It was a game with Pokemon in it, but in truth, it felt nothing like any sort of Pokemon game we had ever seen. In fact, it was just downright boring. This is what happens when you have venture capital jumping down everyone’s throat: They see an opportunity, they jump for it, and then when they miss everyone is let down and wondering what the heck just happened. This is probably what happened to Pokemon Rumble Rush.

In other words, we got some bad news today. At least we got some bad news if you consider yourself to be a Rumble Rush fan: The game is going to shutter. By July, the game will no longer work, it will be removed from the app stores, and no one will be able to login to their silly, silly game profiles. Welp. Isn’t that just too bad? It is if you consider yourself to be a megafan. Well, as it turns out, there might be more to this story than meets the eye. Keep on reading below if you want to delve into this wild, wild ride even further than you probably need.

If you think about it, it probably is really simple when you piece it together. Here’s what probably happened: In the wake of the wildly successful Pokemon Go, a bunch of execs and entrepreneurs or whatever decided they could cash in even further on the Pokemon name.

They ran their little butts down to the nearest venture capital firm, sat up in the highest office with the greatest view to make them sweat a little bit, pitched their dumb plan which had little to no thought put into it, and the bigwigs upstairs said, “Well, the best we can do for you is a couple of million of dollars.” Yep. That’s really how venture capital works.

So these dudes took their money, ran to the bank with it, and put their crazy ideas into practice. And now they’re running out of cash because nobody wanted to play their game. Again, this is all conjecture. I didn’t even do any research or reporting for this article. But there you have it. I could easily be right, here.

So, if you ever wanted to play Pokemon Rumble Rush, you might want to get in while the getting is good. By July, the game will be gone forever. Another casualty of the wild, wild mobile game wars.