For QuakeCon, Doom And Quake Are Being Made More User-Friendly

For QuakeCon, Doom And Quake Are Being Made More User-Friendly
Credit: pcgamer

Id Software has been discreetly reorganizing its enormous Steam catalog of vintage titles. The firm has started combining the numerous Doom and Quake game editions, upgrades, and level bundles into one package as of yesterday “so that newbies have a simpler way.”

Put simply, this implies that instead of having different entries for items like Doom 2, Doom 2’s Master Levels, and Final Doom in your Steam library, you will now only have one entry for Doom 2 that installs everything at once.

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When you start up these new merged packages, you may select the remastered edition you want rather than searching through your extensive Steam collection for it. The installations will grow slightly, but because the majority of these games date from the 1990s, the difference in size is only very few megabytes.

Id claims that the demos for Quake 2 and 3 will also be removed in addition to the modifications made to Doom and Quake’s Steam bundles. To be completely honest, I doubt they are now dominating the Steam popularity charts. To its classic Doom bundle, Id is also including Doom 3 and 64.

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So you can get these games there if you’re one of the dwindling numbers of individuals who still don’t possess them.
Here is a complete list of the modifications being made to each of the classic games: Ultimate DOOM becomes DOOM (1993) for the original Doom, and that’s it.

The packs for Doom 2 (Extended), the Doom 2 Master Levels, and Final Doom are being combined with Doom 2.
Both the original Doom 3 and Doom 3: BFG Edition are being combined into one bundle as part of Doom 3. You will receive the new package absolutely gratis if you currently possess one but not the other. The Resurrection of Evil expansion will also be included in the new package.