The Upcoming Doom Eternal Update Will Bring Empowered Demons And Various Changes

The Upcoming Doom Eternal Update Will Bring Empowered Demons And Various Changes
Credit: Steam

While Doom Eternal’s first big DLC pack is coming in the near future, the game’s first update is coming even sooner. That update will bring various tweaks and changes, as well as Empowered Demons. You thought the game was difficult before?

Once you meet one of these guys, you won’t be saying “hurt me plenty” any longer. You’ll insist that you’re too young to die.

Empowered Demons present quite a challenge. Once they rip and tear your guts, they’ll jump over to another player’s single-player campaign, ready to do the same. Only once they’ve got a kill under their belt, they’re buffed and even stronger.

This works both ways, of course, so when you face off against one yourself, there’s always the chance that you’re not its first target. If it came from another player’s game, that means that player is dead and the demon is stronger than it was before.

The good news is that if you manage to take down an Empowered Demon, you’ll get a generous amount of ammo, health, and bonus XP.

Keep in that mind that this is different than the Invasions feature that iD Software has been talking about. Invasions will let another player hop into your game as a demon and take you on. That feature is still in the works and doesn’t have a release date.

While the Empowered Demons are definitely the most exciting part of this update, there are a number of tweaks being released as well.

They’re adding Denuvo Anticheat futures to multiplayer, indicators for poor network connections, Echelon Leveling (from the previous Doom) for players at max level, Death Reports that offer detailed data, and they’re making changes to the Battlemode tutorial.

They’re also changing up the game’s swimming, making adjustments to toxic damage that they player takes in the water, as well as adding a vertical feature for swimming. Hey, he’s called Doom Guy, not Swim Guy. Give him a break.

There’s no solid release date for this update, but it is referred to as the “May update,” so that gives it about three weeks or so to come out.

To those who have already been to Hell and back, are you excited about Empowered Demons breathing new life into the game? And what are your thoughts on the Denuvo anticheat measures? Are they necessary or are they overkill for something that’s not really an issue? Sound off, slayers!