Mortal Shell Is Set To Release August 18th; A New Trailer Is Out Now

Mortal Shell Is Set To Release August 18th; A New Trailer Is Out Now
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Mortal Shell looks like one of the more promising Souls-like experiences in some time. Like these games, this deep RPG will challenge even the most skilled gamers in a no-mercy type of combat that has looked very promising thus far.

A new trailer is out now that shows off some of the difficult combat firsthand. It’s clear that players will have to be on guard for every battle and also expect to die a lot. This is typical of a Souls-like game, but those brave enough to endure the pain and suffering will feel elated with every successful victory.

In addition to some epic combat sequences, the trailer gave an August 18th release date. It will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Only a couple of more weeks before players can possess lost warriors and mastery different forms of combat.

As far as the foes in this game, they seem quite menacing and diverse. You’ll have to approach every combat scenario differently as each enemy has different skills, behaviors, and intelligence. The diversity was showcased beautifully in this latest trailer.

It should keep combat fresh and of course, challenging. Some opponents are big and lumber forward with heavy-duty attacks while others are more graceful and skilled with the sword. When you attack, which weapons you use, and the timing of your blocks all count for something and will be the difference in living and dying.

Naturally, players should expect to die quite frequently. It looks like the developer Cold Symmetry has doubled down on the difficulty as to make every battle one for the ages. You can expect frustrating moments to become the norm, but Mortal Shell looks like a fun time regardless.

Visually, it’s one of the more beautiful and detailed games set to come out this year. The moody environments should immerse players in the lore before they go toe to toe with the big baddies. The world-building also seems pretty good. There are mysterious gods controlling the now shattered world and it will be up to you to figure out what their motives are.

Cold Symmetry hasn’t given away too much of the story and that should add to the tension as you trek forward in hopes of salvaging what’s left of humanity. Mortal Shell will put up a fight, but if you don’t fancy yourself a quitter, it seems like it will provide a lot of detailed and smart combat.