The Action RPG Mortal Shell Is Showing A Lot Of Promise Based On Recent Announcement Trailer

The Action RPG Mortal Shell Is Showing A Lot Of Promise Based On Recent Announcement Trailer
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Mortal Shell is an upcoming action RPG that just received an official trailer. It doesn’t have any game description just yet, but the trailer is painting quite a promising picture. That’s especially true if you enjoy soulslike games. It’s currently set to release this year for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC and is being developed by Cold Symmetry.

Based off the recent trailer, Mortal Shell looks absolutely beautiful. There are crisp details everywhere showing all sorts of environments, from forsaken forests to enchanted lands. It appears the developer is going in a very artistic direction, one that emphasizes atmospheric experiences.

The trailer then shows off some combat sequences of a knight of some sort going toe to toe with forces of otherworldly proportions. It’s safe to assume the developer was inspired by a lot of soulslike titles currently on the marketplace. You can then expect dark tones and engaging boss encounters.

In addition to the jaw-dropping early visuals, the combat seems very competent. It appears your character will have a bevvy of skills to master and resources to use in battle. That’s always been the mark of a soulslike game. The deep progression system gives you hours and hours of content to enjoy as you try finding the perfect balance for your character.

The enemies featured in Mortal Shell look pretty diverse. You have demon monsters lurking in the shadows, large monsters lurking below lakes, and flying death dealers. You can only imagine that these bosses will keep you honest. That’s also a standout feature of soulslike games. Their difficult nature can cause even the more skilled players to get frustrated from time to time.

It’s pretty early, but Mortal Shell already looks like one of the more unique games of 2020. You can bet it will attract a lot of gamers out of the gate who want to test their might against dark foes and see these beautiful environments up close and personal.

Hopefully as we get further into the year, we are treated to a couple of more trailers showing off more layers of Mortal Shell. It’s hard to judge a book by its cover — especially in the gaming world — but Mortal Shell could be the exception. It looks outstanding in all of the major departments. Let’s see if Cold Symmetry can do this genre right and perhaps introduce systems and features we haven’t quite seen before in this space.