Monster Hunter Live-Action Movie Adaptation Delayed Until 2021 Due To Covid-19

Monster Hunter Live-Action Movie Adaptation Delayed Until 2021 Due To Covid-19
Credit: Monster Hunter via Twitter

Screen Gems and Capcom’s live-action adaptation of Monster Hunter has officially been delayed. The movie was originally scheduled to launch on September 4. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the movie’s official release has been delayed until 2021.

The news isn’t that surprising in the time of COVID-19. Many companies are pushing back their grand openings and release dates. Companies are unable t bring in full staff to help with the production of games, and working from home has presented some issues for companies who are used to working in an office.

Monster Hunter is the newest adaptation directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and starring Milla Jovovich. Tencent Pictures is working to distribute the film. Along with Jovovich, other actors appearing in the upcoming film are Tony Jaa, Clifford “T.I.” Harris, Jr., Ron Perlman, Jin Au-Yeung, Meagan Good, and Diego Boneta.

The film isn’t a direct adaptation of a game from the series. Jovovich plays the role of U.N. military team leader Natalie Artemis, who is transported into another world during a sandstorm. When she awakens, she meets a Hunter, portrayed by Jaa. Together, they work to destroy the monsters who are on the warpath to reach a portal and destroy Earth.

Other named characters so far include T.I. as Link and Perlman as the Admiral. Their exact roles in the film are not yet known.

Even though the film was scheduled to be released in a few months, there’s been little information released about it. The first two sets of promotional posters were released, along with one high-quality screenshot of Jovovich and Jaa traveling through a desert region.

Capcom’s games are action RPGs with fantasy elements. Players take the lead as a Hunter, who can take on a range of tasks, from researching and fighting giant monsters. Players also get to choose their weapons of choice, which can be large broadswords, which are depicted in the released promotional images from the film, or hammers, bows and arrows, and more.

The most recent release in the series is Monster Hunter: World, with the story-based expansion, Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne, launching in 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One, then in January 2020 for PC.

The most recent installment has been widely popular since its launch. Since March 2020, the game shipped over 15.5 million copies, with Iceborne shipping over five million.

Monster Hunter is now scheduled to release on April 23, 2021.