Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s Alatreon Update Releases Next Week

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s Alatreon Update Releases Next Week
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The Iceborn expansion for Monster Hunter World has been quite impressive. It’s pretty much an entire game featuring new icy environments and limitless monster interactions.

It just keeps getting better too thanks to Capcom’s dedication to putting out update after update. A new one is set to release next week (July 9) called Alatreon. So what do Iceborn players have in store? Let’s find out.

Probably the most notable arrival in this update is Alatreon — the elemental-shifting black dragon. If you’ve played this series from the beginning, you might remember his debut in Monster Hunter 3. He was a fan-favorite right out of the gate, featuring menacing strength and elemental powers.

Finally, players will get to wage war with this ancient beast. If you want to see Alatreon before the update goes live, there is a new trailer on YouTube. It shows him stronger than ever using fireballs, electricity, and ice.

You’ll definitely want to approach Alatreon with extreme caution and have a plan in place before engaging in battle. That’s pretty much all of the details we know at the moment regarding update four.

Capcom is planning to share more details in a livestream via their Developer Diary series. The stream kicks off on July 3 around 5 a.m. If you can’t watch it live, then there will be replays available.

It’s safe to assume that new items will be made available as well as improvements to gameplay. Capcom has constantly tried to push this latest installment further to new heights. So far, they’ve done an incredible job.

There are just so many areas to explore, elements to brave, and new monsters to take on for some epic combat.

Monster Hunter World was already an impressive experience. It had so many details, from the environments to the story. The fact that Capcom was able to expand upon this base experience with Iceborn is downright impressive.

They continued the content train, giving players all sorts of new adventures to go on solo or with friends. The developer hasn’t rested on its laurels either. This latest update just shows that they’re committed to the game and want players always having something to look forward to.

Regardless of what more details come out about update 4, Alatreon will be a formidable opponent to come up on in Iceborn’s icy environments. Being precise with your attacks and having the appropriate gear will surely pay off and probably lead to some great rewards.