Monster Hunter World Iceborne Expansion Details Released, Massive Update To The Core Game

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Expansion Details Released, Massive Update To The Core Game
Credit: Capcom

Monster Hunter World is finally getting an expansion on PS4 and Xbox One in September. PC is sure to have a release soon after, but an official date has not been announced. The DLC will be making its big debut at E3 2019, but Capcom has already released the new story trailer.

This sets the stage for the adventures that will be coming and another look at some new monsters for players to encounter. Players have defeated the Behemoth from Final Fantasy and battled against every elder dragon in the original game. This has made the fans hungry for a new challenge.

The new expansion is set after the events of the main Monster Hunter World storyline. Players will get to explore a new artic region called Hoarfrost Reach. This new area is home to a diverse new assortment of monsters. The Research Commission will establish a new camp called Seliana which will serve as a base of operations for players new Iceborne adventures.

Velkana, a new elder dragon, will serve as the next boss for players to have a chance of defeating. Along with this a new “extreme” version of the Legiana known as a Shrieking Legian will be a whole new challenge to overcome.

The expansion will be bringing a couple of older monsters back as well. During the State of Play broadcast, players got a glimpse at Nargacuga and the fearsome Tigrex. At the end of the new trailer, there is a fiery slash followed by the distinctive roar of Glavenus which may also be coming back in Iceborne.

Capcom has officially commented that this expansion will “rival the volume of the original release of Monster Hunter World. A new rank will also be available called Master Rank which is similar to to the G-Rank from the other games. In addition to new monsters and a new rank, the game will offer new quests, gear, and weapons to craft.

There is rumored to be upgraded for some of the game’s existing gadgets as well. The Slinger will be receiving a new Clutch Claw function which will allow players to grapple and ride enemies freely.

Players will, of course, require a copy of the base game to play Iceborn but Cpcom is releasing a new Master Edition that will bundle both together for $60. This expansion is sure to return the game to its full population along with allowing more content for all players to explore.