Apex Legends Legendary Hunt Event Finally Goes Live

Apex Legends Legendary Hunt Event Finally Goes Live
Credit: Respawn Entertainment via Youtube

Respawn Entertainment, the developers behind the free to play Apex Legends, has released the “Legendary Hunt” event after a delay due to technical errors. The event will run from June 4th, 2019 through to June 18th, 2019. The update was scheduled to hit on the 4th at 10 a.m. but did not release until 3 p.m. PST.

The official twitter account for the game kept awaiting fans updated during the delay stating,

“Hey Legends: We had a hiccup this morning while prepping for the patch meant to go live today. We’re sorting things out and working to get it shipped ASAP. We’re sorry for the hold-up. We’ll be providing an update as we get more info.”

Many responded with disappointment in the developers, citing that this was the first major update the game has seen in over three months and that Respawn wasn’t able to deliver on the time they had promised. Other fans are more understanding, as the studio currently only has close to fifty employees working at one time. It is worth noting that the company made an effort to keep players updated via twitter while working through the issue. Regardless of the delay, the hunt is finally on.

This update has included several new cosmetic items as supplementary material to the Battlepass Season 1 released last year. A legendary skin for the character Wraith and the R-301 weapon have been added to that leveled list. This alleviates some of the players’ complaints that the Season 1 pass was lacking in prominent cosmetic upgrades.

Before the changes, many argued that the pass was not worth the price for the otherwise free game, citing that the majority of the rewards consist of a sparse amount of currency or a copy/pasted weapon skin. Only the capstone level 100 weapon skin was unique and considered Legendary tier before the event hit. Event exclusive skins will also be cycling in every couple of days to the premium currency store.

Separately from the Battlepass progression, Respawn has also added limited-time challenges to complete for Rare, Epic, and Legendary tier cosmetics. Players that are a fan of the Fortnite challenge system or those who have found repeat games of Apex becoming repetitive should enjoy the fresh objectives these bring to the game. The developers over at Respawn have stated they do not want the challenges to alter the way you play matches significantly, just to improve the already existing experience by adding new things to work towards.

A significant feature of the event also includes a so-called “Elite Queue” in which players will have to continue to place in the top five of a match in order to participate. This adds a queue with a more competitive edge, something the base game was sorely lacking, and will hopefully be added to the game outside of the limited-time event.

Additionally, coming in with this update you can look forward to earning bonus Battlepass EXP. once per day upon winning a match. This boosts your Battlepass up by an entire level, making the grinding process feel much less like a chore. There is also a double EXP weekend coming on Friday, June 7 at 10 a.m. PST through Monday, June 10 at 10 a.m. PST.