For Honor’s Warden Announced As DLC Character For Samurai Showdown And Is Available Today

For Honor’s Warden Announced As DLC Character For Samurai Showdown And Is Available Today
Credit: SNK via YouTube

SNK has announced the Warden from Ubisoft’s For Honor will be joining the roster of Samurai Shodown as a DLC character. The character is available today, June 24.

Along with the announcement was a short character trailer. The trailer displays how the Warden will use his sword to fight against his opponents in the weapons-based fighting game.

Also, in the trailer was a sample of his voice. The Warden’s voice actor is Masaki Terasoma, who has performed in several anime and tokusatsu series, but most recently as Ryu in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Players may also recognize him as The Warden’s Japanese voice actor.

The trailer also has a few example voice lines of the character. The Warden states, “For honor” and “I will protect the people of this land.”

As shown in the trailer, the Warden will have some of his moves from For Honor. The Warden retains use of his classic longsword. With it, he slashes and bashes for his attacks.

Ubisoft has also commented about the collaboration in a short one-minute video. For Honor’s Director Nicolas Bombray and Associate Art Director Andrew Im commented about how happy they are with the inclusion of The Warden into the Samurai Shodown series.

SNK also provided the official character description for the Warden on its website:

A lone swordsman from a faraway land sworn to protect both land and people. Many of their kind set out to become the embodiment of high honor and nobility, though few have accomplished such a feat. This warrior in particular embarked on a journey to find an opponent truly worthy of their loyalty. Their sworn allegiance to the people burns like a brand as they set out onto the battlefield.

For Honor was initially released in February 2017. The multiplayer action game, which has players fighting against other humans or AI, has continued to stay popular with its core group of players and has released additional fighters over the years. Players could take on a wide range of characters, such as knights, Vikings, and samurai.

The Warden is now available as a separate character for $5.99. Season Pass 2 owners will receive him, along with previously released characters Sogetsu and Iroha.

The Warden is now available as a DLC character for Samurai Shodown. The game is out now for PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive, Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.