Fallout: London Looks Like One Of The Most Impressive Fallout Mods To Date

Fallout: London Looks Like One Of The Most Impressive Fallout Mods To Date
Credit: Bethesda/Fallout: London Mod Team

Fallout: London’s release trailer dropped yesterday and it looks ridiculous. A “DLC-sized mod” for Bethesda’s Fallout 4, Fallout: London takes the series into the world of post-apocalyptic London with such style that you wonder why it hasn’t happened before.

Everything you’d expect from a Fallout game set in London is here: Big Ben, the Queen’s Guards (the Beefeaters) with armor and swords, and of course, the iconic red double-decker buses. The whole thing is capped off with a tastefully stereotypical cockney voiceover.

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The trailer opens with Vera Lynn’s “We’ll Meet Again”, a song that was practically written for Fallout, even if they didn’t know it at the time…

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This mod isn’t just an aesthetic overhaul of Fallout 4, though. Fallout: London is a total overhaul. There’s so much content here it’s basically like an entirely new game.

SEVEN new factions are going to be added with the full mod, including the oddly pertinent 5th Column (a group of populists that love the Union Jack) and the hilarious Camelot Knights, because what would apocalyptic London be without some people dressing up as Arthurian heroes?

The trailer also makes several nods to the First and Second World War (you can even see Barrage Balloons flying over the London skyline) that are sure to make this entire experience unique.

Fallout: London includes an entirely new cast of characters and NPCs and diverges completely from the original Fallout 4 storyline. None of the original factions appear in the mod, which makes sense, considering the world has fallen to pieces. Not many trans-Atlantic flights, I reckon.

London is rich for the plucking when it comes to architecture and storytelling. The shots of the ruined colonial buildings and twisted metal of fallen planes look incredible – they look so good, in fact, that it strikes me as bizarre that no one has bothered to think about Fallout set in the UK before.

There is no planned release date for Fallout: London as of yet. The team is made up of volunteers. Various updates have been posted here and there for a while, but this is the first proper glimpse at the mod in action.

Does that mean it’s close to completion? Honestly, probably not. A mod of this scale isn’t something that happens overnight. Expect a bit of a wait for this one, but by the looks of it, the wait will be worth it.

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