Monstrum 2, Hide And Seek On The Ocean? Hunters Find Monster Reborn In This 4v1 Game

Monstrum 2, Hide And Seek On The Ocean? Hunters Find Monster Reborn In This 4v1 Game
Credit: Steam XO

Monstrum 2 was announced today by the developer Junkfish inviting players to enjoy their multiplayer horror labyrinth on the sea. Monstrum, the first of their series, was released in 2015 and featured an AI-driven predator that hunted the players.

Junkfish pits a player against four others in what is similar to a sea-based Dead by Daylight. Players get to play as survivors who must evade the horrors within and escape, or they can become the deadly monster that waits within who hunts down his prey. The game is a 4v1 survival horror game in an ever-changing sea fortress. As survivors, you have to navigate a new map every game and solve randomly generated challenges. As a monster, you must eat all the survivors.

Monstrum 2 takes place on board a 1970s era sea fortress in which horrible experiments were taking place. The survivors must make their way through a procedurally generated horror labyrinth as a giant sea monster hunts them down one by one. Players will have to think on their feet and adapt to an open-ended horror playground.

Survival depends on how tactically the players can exploit the environment and challenges within the maze. Due to an ever-changing situation and different players playing different roles, the game will be different every time survival is attempted.

Items are scattered around the map allowing access to hidden routes. Players have the opportunity to smash through destructible objects and climb through the environment in search of their prey.  It is up to the player on how to survive. “Work cooperatively with your fellow survivors to reach important equipment or of solo and hide to avoid detection” reads the Steam page.

Monstrum 2 is a game meant to be played with friends, but the online cueing of the Steam servers promises populated games. The popularity of horror in gaming has increased due to the success of Dead by Daylight and similar survival-based cooperative games. With an influx of these styled games, most are taking the serial killer approach.

Monstrum 2 promises to be a unique challenge for the gaming community and yet another skill to add to the collection. Junkfish has always been fast at updating and maintaining their games so players can expect an active dev community.

The game is set to release sometime in 2020, but you can purchase the first game in the series now on Steam for $17.99. Once the game is released, players can expect updates to serve the growing community better.