SnowRunner Has A New Vehicle Called The Western Star 49X, Which Is Big And Powerful

SnowRunner Has A New Vehicle Called The Western Star 49X, Which Is Big And Powerful
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

SnowRunner is the truck simulator that throws a lot of extreme elements and obstacles at players. It could be a flowing river, an icy road, or both. Drivers never really know what to expect until they start tearing up the roads, trying to complete hauls for clients.

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A fun aspect of the game thus far has been playing around with the diverse selection of vehicles. There are all kinds of commercial trucks and off-road rigs that each have different attributes. There is thus plenty of mechanics to master each time you switch vehicles.

The game’s developer — Saber Interactive — has given players plenty of incredible vehicles thus far and it doesn’t seem like they’ll stop any time soon as the game continues to get better and better. Another new vehicle is on the way called the Western Star 49X.

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You can see this huge commercial rig up above in the trailer. It’s massive in size and geared towards off-roading. There are so many rugged terrains incorporated all throughout each environment in SnowRunner, so the Western Star looks like a welcome addition that should give new meaning to going off-roading.

The bulky tires with ample tread should help you go over difficult terrains with more competency. Its large frame also accommodates off-roading because you’ll be able to drive over obstacles that come your way. Even bodies of water don’t pose much of a threat for the Wester Star according to sequences shown in the trailer up above.

Another standout feature is the rig’s powerful nature. There are a lot of clients that want large, heavy materials moved. The Western Star seems like it will accommodate these hauls quite nicely thanks to the extra horsepower and towing capabilities.

Overall, it’s a solid vehicle addition that’s now available in SnowRunner. The vehicle selection is already massive and this latest addition definitely is a show-stopper. Who knows what else Saber Interactive will introduce fans to within the coming months?

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Just as players figure out the mechanics of a vehicle, a new one comes their way and changes the game completely. That’s one of the reasons why SnowRunnerhas continued to thrive even after its initial release. Players can master truck after truck, learning their strengths and weaknesses over time.

The Western Star looks like the perfect vehicle to use in the game’s new Canadian region, which was just introduced a week prior in the second phase of the season pass system.