Gameplay Reveal For Total War: Warhammer 2 The Twisted And The Twilight DLC Highlights New Lords And Mechanics

Gameplay Reveal For Total War: Warhammer 2 The Twisted And The Twilight DLC Highlights New Lords And Mechanics
Credit: Creative Assembly via YouTube

Total War: Warhammer 2’s next DLC arrives on December 3rd, entitled The Twisted and the Twilight, introducing the Sisters of Twilight for the Wood Elves, and Throt the Unclean for Clan Moulder and the Skaven. As per usual, the Skaven seem to have got the best of the rest in terms of new mechanics, while the Wood Elves rework seems a little…underwhelming.

The Sisters of Twilight look fantastic, however. Their forest dragon mount is a formidable force, and the way the two characters and their mount interact in combat looks like an excellent battle addition. The only downside is that their actual campaign mechanics look a bit bare, especially when you compare it to the pages of Skaven intricacies.

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This gameplay reveal, or extended trailer, shows off the Sister’s campaign mechanics. They have access to Daith’s anvil, a way of upgrading gear and boosting their attributes. There might be a few more unique interactions with the Lords on the campaign map, but so far they seem to be your typical Wood Elf lords.

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Their units also look pretty great, including the Great Stag cavalry (their charging animation looks slick) and of course, the powerful Zoats. The Sisters of Twilight start with a unit of this elite Great Stag cavalry, a good boost to your starting campaign.

The gameplay reveal also gave fans their first look at the upcoming tree-spirit lord, Drycha. She is a malignant tree-spirit and looks like a formidable force, surrounded by her twisted dryads. It will be interesting to see how Creative Assembly has chosen to differentiate Drycha from Durthu.

Lastly, the Skaven, because you can’t escape the Skaven. Throt the Unclean is a master manipulator, twisted by dark magic. As a result, he has been churning out some powerful units for Clan Moulder, including the magically-modified rats, some as large as the biggest tree lords and dragons.

However you view the upcoming DLC, there’s no doubt it’s jam-packed with content, both for those who pay for the premium package and part of the FLC offered by CA. Navigating the forests with the Sisters of Twilights will offer new scenarios, and Drycha may take the tree-spirit playthrough down a different path…

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Total War: Warhammer 2’s next DLC, the Twisted and the Twilight, is out on December 3rd. Expect more details, teasers, and trailers before its release.