Twitch Takes Actions Against Its Director Of Strategic Partnerships, Hassan Bokhari, Proceeding Misconduct Testimonies

Twitch Takes Actions Against Its Director Of Strategic Partnerships, Hassan Bokhari, Proceeding Misconduct Testimonies
Credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr (license)

Hassan Bokhari, Twitch‘s Account Director of Strategic Partnerships, became pretty busy when the sexual allegations on several streamers came surrounding Twitter. But then, more women wrote their experiences, and, all of a sudden, the Twitch employee himself is catching fire under his seat. The streaming platform company guarantees that an investigation is launched for Bokhari.

During the heat of the moment earlier this year, a few smaller streamers came forward regarding their unpleasant experiences with the Director. These streamers are hoping to be partnered with the Amazon-owned platform so they can indulge in the benefits that come with it.

Twitch streamer Vio publicized her TwitLonger with a caption, “I’m done being silent.” She writes that the Twitch employee abused his power to make her perform sexual acts.

Further down the line, Bokhari invited Vio to Pax East 2015, where he took physical advances despite her expressing she didn’t want to. According to Vio’s statement, the Director’s insistence led to things transpiring, and the two engage in in

Hassan allegedly invited Vio out to Pax East 2015, where he made advances despite her saying no. According to Vio, “Eventually, he managed to pressure me into oral sex. By PAX West 2015, he managed to pressure me into sex.”

Twitch has released limited statements regarding the situation.

Dedicated eSports insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau provided a statement from the streaming platform’s spokesperson. The account details, “We [Twitch] engaged a reputable third-party firm to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into the allegations.” The spokesperson also confirmed that the said investigation has concluded, and the company has “taken action in accordance with the investigators’ findings.”

Later on, Slasher also confirms that the Director in question is no longer an employee for Twitch.

It can be remembered that the company also banned popular streamers Hashinshin and ZeRo recently in light of the sexual misconduct allegations.

Though Bokhari’s situation is slightly different than those of streamers, it was bizarre for the community to find out someone from the inside has done the same misconduct. The Account Director has been working for the San Francisco-based company for more than 9 years. He was working his way up from being a Customer Support to becoming an Account Manager for nearly 4 years to his final title in the company. Bokhari also worked for Microsoft’s Xbox division for more than 2 years.

The replies on Twitter are overwhelming with relief from the community. One fan responded that the verdict took longer and that she hopes the Hassan loses his job over the scandal.