The First Mixer Stream From Ninja Does Decent Numbers; Actually Trumped His Recent Twitch Average

The First Mixer Stream From Ninja Does Decent Numbers; Actually Trumped His Recent Twitch Average
Credit: IGN via YouTube

If you follow gaming news pretty consistently, you’re probably aware of Ninja (Tyler Blevins) vacating his long-time Twitch platform. It was a move that seemed out of left field. Those in the know, however, probably saw the writing on the wall.

Ninja has gradually lost Twitch subscribers over the years. Even still, he was one of the platform’s top performers. And yet, Ninja felt it was time to switch platforms. He’s now streaming exclusively on Mixer, which isn’t that surprising to be quite honest.

Ninja probably received a comfortable contract deal in the multi-millions. Gamers who stream every day know how incredible this type of deal is. Some would even view it as a life-changing contract. The exact figures aren’t known, but for a name like Ninja, you know Mixer came in guns blazing. They have a lot of financial backing from Microsoft, a company that’s been huge for the gaming industry over the years.

Tyler officially kicked off his first live-stream on Mixer. This wasn’t an ordinary stream, though. It was so big that it went live via Lollapalooza. That’s pretty incredible. It’s as they say, go big or go home. This is just another one of Ninja’s milestones in the gaming community. It probably won’t be his last, either.

So what sort of numbers did Ninja put up? As you can imagine, they were pretty high. The stream topped out at around 76,000 viewers. Compared to Twitch streams, this is pretty decent. The high-end streams typically peak at around 100,000.

For Ninja, the figure is quite a bit more than the numbers he was averaging on Twitch these last couple of weeks. It’s an accomplishment that Ninja should certainly be proud of. This was a pretty huge gamble for him when you really think about it.

People often associate Twitch with Ninja almost immediately. He helped elevate this popular platform to the heights it’s accustomed to today. Now, he’s turning the page. The Mixer stream numbers are a great sign if you’re a Ninja fan.

Mixer isn’t the most popular streaming platform out there currently, but with signings like this recent one, they could shake up the leaderboards here pretty shortly. They’re not short on funding and their platform is full of user-friendly features. The community is also extremely open and welcoming — which can’t be said for a lot of other platforms today.

For Mixer and Ninja, this relationship seems like the perfect storm that could lead to a lot of profitable years.