The Steampunk Strategy Game Iron Harvest Is Out Now On Steam

The Steampunk Strategy Game Iron Harvest Is Out Now On Steam
Credit: KINGArtGames via YouTube

Have you ever wanted to experience an alternative 1920s, where you had the chance to control epic battles using large, steampunk mechs? Well now you can in Iron Harvest, a real-time strategy game that’s now out on Steam.

The game has received a lot of attention early on given its unique concepts. Strategy games have a lot of fun elements, but Iron Harvest is taking a pretty unique approach to the genre that it immediately stands out at launch.

Iron Harvest has a single-player campaign that lets players move across Europe, carefully planning out tactics for meaningful battles. Every combat situation is different so players have to assess threats present and respond appropriately.

Some enemy encounters call for stealth-based tactics while others benefit from a more direct approach. You’ll get to figure out which strategies can net the best results, all while controlling a wide assortment of mechs. They’re not the traditional mechs you typically see in video games, either.

As mentioned earlier, they have a steampunk vibe and that’s pretty cool. It gives Iron Harvest a unique brand and added atmosphere on the battlefields. In addition to navigating these mechs through different maps, you’ll have to fortify your defenses and base. These systems are just as important as your offensive tactics.

Co-op is supported and there is also a multiplayer, which includes ranked matches and leagues. There are also skirmish and challenge maps that will be updated regularly for free. Thus, players in Iron Harvest can look forward to a lot of new content for the forseeable future.

So far, the PC community seems to be receiving Iron Harvest well. It’s a unique real-time strategy game that has a lot of fun elements that you have to experience firsthand to truly appreciate.

Now that it’s out on Steam, some PC gamers are waiting for the Epic Games Store release. It was expect to take place right along the Steam release, but there has been a slight delay. Epic Games is offering refunds to appease upset gamers, though.

Hopefully it gets put out on the Epic Games Store sooner rather than later so that more PC gamers can experience the unique story, addicting gameplay, and competent systems.

There are ton of strategy games out right now, with Crusader Kings 3 being one of the more in-depth. However, Iron Harvest looks to be catering to all audiences, even those that don’t have a lot of experience with this genre.