What Is Eldest Souls? The Indie Boss-Rush Game With Charming Pixel Art And Brutal Combat

What Is Eldest Souls? The Indie Boss-Rush Game With Charming Pixel Art And Brutal Combat
Credit: Fallen Flag via YouTube

Eldest Scrolls, from indie developer studio Fallen Flag, is an upcoming boss-rush game rendered in detailed pixel art and featuring a range of different bosses and combat styles. Yes, the name is a fusion of Dark Souls and Elder Scrolls. The game will release on Steam and Nintendo Switch later this year.

The game incorporates Souls-like boss combat in a deep and dark fantasy world. Fallen Flag has been clear about the game’s difficulty level, repeating that the game is definitely “challenging.”

You must defeat a slew of Old Gods, the monstrous bosses of varying kinds. Some have already been revealed by Fallen Flag, such as Azikel, a winged god. Each encounter is unique. Once you defeat a boss you can claim some of their skills and abilities for yourself as you level up your god-slayer.

But it won’t easy. The gameplay is challenging. A gameplay demo from a few months ago let players fight up until the second boss, and the combat is unforgiving in that typical Souls-like fashion.

Combat combos, movement, and strategy are as important as hitting your attacks. Even as you progress your character, the bosses in-game match your new power level. I can only imagine that towards the end of the game it’s going to get extremely tricky…

Beyond the gameplay, Eldest Souls is a beautiful game. The pixel art is deep, colourful, and captures the atmosphere of the various in-game environments very well. Take this shot from the recent Nintendo Switch announcement trailer:

It’s dark, moody, and very pretty. The lighting is especially nice. There’s already plenty of sneak peeks at the different environments dotted throughout the game, all centred around the central Citadel.

The main hub of the game, the Citadel includes NPCs, quests, and narratives which will lead you through the dark world of Eldest Souls. It’s a forgotten and desolate place, with a mystery deep under the surface.

Overall, Eldest Scrolls looks to be the making of an indie gem. Its Steam page is currently live and you can head over to Wishlist the game and check out more information about when the game is going to release.

The dev’s Twitter page also lots of information and teasers of content ahead of the game’s release later this year on PC and Nintendo Switch. It has a timed exclusive on the Nintendo Switch.