DRX Reverse Swept KT Rolster To Remain In The First Place Of League Champions Korea Standings

DRX Reverse Swept KT Rolster To Remain In The First Place Of League Champions Korea Standings
Credit: Image via Riot Games

Two weeks after suffering their first loss of the 2020 LCK Summer Split, DRX got their revenge against KT Rolster in a tight three-game series.

The second round robin opened up with a bang. Both League of Legends teams looked strong throughout the series but DRX came out on top. Top laner Doran and support Keria were crucial in DRX’s comeback story, winning the Player of the Game awards for their performances on Camille and Bard, respectively.

Most of the first game, though, was a snoozefest. Neither team wanted to force the other’s hand. As a result, first blood was delayed until the 18th minute, a new record in the LCK Summer Split.

After a teamfight in the mid game, first blood was secured by KT alongside multiple kills for their carry, Aiming, on Aphelios.

This gold lead on Aphelios solidified the state of the game. DRX couldn’t deal with him and Aiming picked up an early Guardian Angel to stop all of their dive potential. One by one, DRX kept dying and eventually lost the game following a poor teamfight.

After their disastrous first game performance, DRX came out stronger in the second game. They adjusted their draft and picked up scaling champions, such as Ezreal and Azir. After a series of proactive plays, they picked up the pace and were able to shove wave after wave into KT’s base.

Following a close teamfight around the mid lane, KT’s mid laner Kuro on LeBlanc wanted to execute the low-health DRX players. But instead, they threw the game and DRX were able to end.

The third game was the Keria show with an impressive performance on Bard. DRX copied their draft from the second game and executed it even better.

After a 30-minute brawl, DRX came out ahead and were able to close out the series in their favor, securing the reverse sweep. DRX are now 10-1 in the 2020 LCK Summer Split, while KT drop to 4-7.

DRX have a difficult period ahead. After losing crucial games to bottom tier teams, they’ll need to pick up the slack to ensure a better standing in the playoff ruin of the Summer Split.

While the biggest challenge before was T1, multiple teams emerged this season as contender for the LCK Summer Split championship, including DragonX, Gen.G, Damwon Gaming, and T1.

Stay tuned for more coverage in the upcoming weeks in the race for playoffs as all teams try to pick up the remaining wins possible to ensure a better standing.