Gorilla Became First League Champions Korea Player To Reach 4,000 Regular Season Assists

Gorilla Became First League Champions Korea Player To Reach 4,000 Regular Season Assists
Credit: Image via Riot Games

Sandbox Gaming support Gorilla reached a new feat in his professional League of Legends career. He’s the first player to hit 4,000 regular season assists in Korea’s LCK, the league revealed on stream.

Heading into today’s series against SeolHaeOne Prince, Gorilla had 3,978 assists in the LCK. His top five champions, in terms of assists, were Alistar (533 assists), Thresh (460), Braum (436), Tahm Kench (301), and Nami (260), according to a graphic posted by journalist Ashley Kang.

He didn’t play any of those champions in the first two games of this series, though. Gorilla picked up 14 assists in game one on Nautilus, followed by nine assists on Blitzcrank in game two. But he ended the match on Tahm Kench, securing nine assists in the third game of Sandbox’s 2-1 victory over SeolHaeOne Prince.

Gorilla started his professional career in 2013. He became well known during his time on the HUYA Tigers, which went through several different names later on as they changed sponsors: GE Tigers, KOO Tigers, Tigers, and ROX Tigers. The “Tigers” were a strong League team who put up a good fight against the dominant SKT (now T1) and made them sweat it out in the 2016 World Championship.

After the ROX Tigers disbanded, Gorilla went to Longzhu Gaming, which rebranded to Kingzone DragonX and is known as just DragonX today. He saw success on the roster, finishing in the top two during every split with the team. In 2018, they had a chance to qualify for Worlds but lost to Gen.G in the finals.

The roster then went through significant changes and Gorilla found himself in Europe’s LEC. He played for Misfits for two splits but didn’t find any success. Misfits finished in eighth and ninth place in the 2019 Spring and Summer Splits.

After a poor year in Europe, Gorilla returned to Korea and joined Sandbox. The roster played at the KeSPA Cup and reached the finals, but lost to AFS in the end.

Going into the Spring Split, Sandbox failed to find the success it did at the KeSPA Cup and finished in ninth. Due to this, the roster had to play through the LCK promotion tournament to defend their spot in the league.

After a couple of intense matches, Sandbox kept its slot in the LCK. But before the Summer Split, the team signed the first Western LCK coach, Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi.

While YamatoCannon had to wait to join the squad in Korea due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team played with their assistant coaches on stage and started the 2020 Summer Split 0-5. But since YamatoCannon officially joined the team, Sandbox has won multiple games in a row.

While Gorilla has had multiple opportunities to prove himself as one of the best supports in League, he’s seemingly received a fresh start on this emerging Sandbox roster.